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It’s Been Awhile.

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      I started this blog, oh I don’t know, maybe in 2011? At the time I was home with my children, trying desperately to secure a teaching job in our new county, lonely, bored, and needing a way to keep my brain moving. We had moved into a new house and I was trying to make it a home with a small budget. Other women must be going through the same things I was, right?  We can be in this together, so to speak. It proved to be a harder endeavor that I could have imagined.

     I was not prepared for the cutthroat industry of mommy bloggers. I expected a group of women with similar situations sharing their ideas, struggles, and creativity. This was not so. It was an unkind and unwelcoming place for me: toxic, unhealthy.  I left blogging feeling a bit bruised and battered.

     It took me 8 (YES, 8) years to get a teaching job. I applied to close to 400 jobs during those years. I subbed and took a position as a paraprofessional, simply because I wanted to in a school in some capacity. I was heartbroken after some significant disappointments and decided I would try one more time…so I sent out some resumes. It was during that last batch of attempts that I was interviewed and hired. It’s been 5 years in that district and I’m in a safe, comfortable spot with tenure in a school with an outstanding principal.

     So that is my time away in a nutshell. I am finding myself wanting to write again in some way. This time, however, it will always be on my terms.  This blog will morph in ways I don’t have mapped out and with no focus. I am going to break every rule I have read about how to be successful as a blogger. What I am trying to do is be successful as a woman, teacher, friend, wife, mother, and colleague. This blog will be the gravy.  Join me or don’t.