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How To Make Faux Driftwood

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A few weeks ago I showed y'all the microwave cart I turned into a pool center for all of our summer beach and pool gear. I wanted to beach it up a bit so I painted the top to resemble driftwood and I was really happy with the results.  It was an easy DIY project that even the art-impaired can accomplish!

How I Get Designer Fabric Pillows for $5 or less

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I have a secret that I would like to share with you!  I love to have expensive, special order designer fabric for my pillow covers but I don't want to have to order a yard of the fabric or pay the designer fabric prices to get them. So how do I get my pillow covers for less than $5 using fabrics that cost $49.99 a yard or more?  Sample sales!

On Vacation!

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I'm on vacation this week so I won't be blogging much. But I am still connected and will be working on a few posts for when we come back! 


Microwave Cart To Pool Center

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We are members of a pool club and spend the summer stuffing our bags full of towels, snacks, flip flops, sunblock, etc. to take with us. To help us stay organized, I re-purposed a garbage pick microwave cart into a beach/pool command center!

18 Orange Desserts!

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I can't get enough orange lately. I adore Creamsicles, sherbet, etc. and find myself craving yummy orange desserts of all kinds!  Give them to me baked, frozen, in a shake, you name it! I rounded up 18 recipes I thought sounded yummy and shared them with you! Orange you glad I did?  HA HA HA!
Also, I decided to change "Creamsicles" to "Orange-Vanilla" since I am pretty sure "Creamsicles" is copyrighted, trade marked, or whatever. I only changed it in my descriptions on my blog.
L-R Clockwise: A Beautiful Mess, Anders Ruff, Buns In My Oven,
How Sweet It Is, Brown Eyed Baker, Baked Bree

Patriotic Wreath

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I love all the patriotic decorations floating around lately, don't you?  I got into the 4th of July action by making a patriotic wreath using red, white, blue, and silver. I love my 4th of July wreath! 
days of chalk and chocolate patriotic wreath