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Long Weekend, Pear Painting

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Hi Friends!  We took a long weekend and went to Ocean City, MD. The girls love it there because the boardwalk has tons of rides that are just right for Molly. It's a fun, short vacation.  Since I'm a Jersey Girl I find I prefer our beaches but that being said, Ellie enjoyed the ocean and Molly built sand castles. Really, what more do you need?

Here are some pics. Molly rode the rides. Ellie ate pizza.

Then we came home and I painted a pear.

I know it's a little small for the space but I like it there and I may do a second, companion piece. Maybe an apple?  Two pears?  A partridge in a pear tree?  HA!


DIY Mercury Glass

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I have been trying to find a store around here that stocks Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint for months now. I love all the DIY mercury glass projects out there that you all are doing and felt woefully deficient as a DIY blogger that I hadn't done one yet. I mean I mastered the tissue paper pouf, the ruffle wreath, and the monogrammed pillow, but I hadn't yet made my own mercury glass. sniff. And y'all were kinda rubbin' it in with all your "Hobby Lobby this" and "Hobby Lobby that." We don't have Hobby Lobby here. We have Taylor Ham (pork roll), full service gas stations only, and farms (did you know that? NJ is crazy filled with farms) but no Hobby Lobby. It's ok though. You didn't know.

Anyway, I finally found it at my not-so-local Ace Hardware! Oh yeah, rock on with my bad self. So I grabbed those $2.50 candle holders I bought at Target and WHOOPS. So I grabbed the one $2.50 candle holder I bought at Target and made my own mercury glass. I heard you whisper "finally" under your breath.

I used a combination of tutorials I found on the world wide web.

 Mix up equal amounts of vinegar and water. Spray your whatever with a bottle or your fingers.  I used fingers. Don't over wet your object. The drops are where the inconsistencies in the shiny parts will be.

I used 5-6 coats of Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint. This paint is thin and goes on quickly. I used short, light sprays.

Coat 1

Coat 2

Coat 4
 Then I used a few tissues to blot the droplets. The paint will come off wherever the droplets are. I also rubbed in a few areas to have larger areas where the color will peep out and look inconsistent. I then sprayed more paint here and there so it wouldn't look even.

I am really happy with it and need to get back to Target to get another.

And this paint is a ton of fun to play with!  What else can I turn into fake mercury glass?  I wonder...


Link Party # 41

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We're busy getting ready to spend the weekend in Ocean City, Maryland!  Molly adores the boardwalk and the rides. She is a huge daredevil and the faster and whippier the ride the better. Meanwhile, I say silent prayers as she whirls and flips and flies,  and then breathe sighs of relief at the end of each and every ride.  We'll see how Ellie will do. Will she be like me and be content to watch Molly (and Jim to be honest) fly around the world in a little teacup or will she be manning the wheel? 

I hope you all have beautiful, fun, feet-on-the-ground weekends! 

Now let's party!  I'm so happy to see so many familiar faces each week. If you have a friend that you think would enjoy linking up, I'd be so happy if you'd remember my little party and let them know!  : )  Ok, enough of that. Let's see your Latest and Greatest Friday Party #41 masterpieces!!


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I'm sorry this won't be a wordy post but it's been a loooooong day. No need to go into the gritty details but let's just say that Ellie is VERY lucky to still be here to reek havoc another day!  : )

LOVED so many links this week but here are some of your (and my) faves! Thanks for linking up!

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Ball Fringe Pillow Tutorial

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Do you like ball fringe?  I love it!  I think ball fringe helps stuffy things not take themselves so seriously. It is a bit silly and carefree and I like to use it in drips and drabs around the house.

I used it on Molly's bed crown because it was the same fringe that is on her curtains so it worked. Plus a bed crown can be somewhat stiff and formal looking to me and this little bit of ball fringe makes it softer, sillier, more like my girl.

I was rummaging through my stash and came across some large black ball fringe I've had for probably 8 years or so. Time to get rid of it by sewing it on some pillows!  Sewing on ball fringe is a pain but it's not a hard process so go for it!

If you want to add trim to a pillow the important thing to remember is to sew it on the RIGHT side of one your fabric pieces with the trim facing the middle of the fabric.  Then sew your right sides together.

Right side of one piece of my pillow fabric. See how the fringe is facing toward the middle?

Now that it's all on, just put your right sides together as you normally would.

It's a little tricky to sew the second piece on because the balls get in the way but just push them to the side and sew slowly.

I did a simple envelope closure. I hemmed two separate pieces and sewed them on so that they overlapped a bit. I just eyeballed it all so I don't have measurements but basically I made one shorter piece and a longer piece.

I love linen and black together. I think I may put a monogram in the middle. Or maybe something for the fall like a pumpkin or leaves?  What do you think?


Target Bargains

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Don't you love Target?  I went there the other day to return something and ended up scoring some cool stuff way on sale or in the dollar bins.  Cool, right?  Don't you love when that happens?    Check out my loot!

Large white rook (possibly a candle holder???)--$2.50

Large candle holders--$2.50

I plan on spraying these with the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint

Going to try to make them look like mercury glass. We'll see!

Privet House white plate-- $1.18 (EEEEEP!)

Here's how the plate wall is coming along. Little by little, right?

OMgosh. That looks puny!  Need more plates!
And Target is having a Cyber Sale Week until July 28, 2012!  Shwing! 

24850_Shop Target’s Summer Cyber Week Sale -  Ends 7/28!

Then I headed over to Joann's Fabric and grabbed this stuff on sale too!  Each spool of ribbon cost me either $0.97 or $1.97!  I got orangey burlap ribbon, cream and brown damask, double faced medium width light brown satin, 2 spools of wide double faced red, and a large spool of wide double faced dark brown ribbon.

In the remnant bin I found some cream burlap, natural linen, orange satin, and some other sort of natural colored cottons and none were more than $6.00. The orange chevron was not on sale but I am planning on making some fall pillows for the living room with it.

So have you done some bargain shopping lately?  Show me what you've found!


Features and Link Party #40

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Thanks to you all for linking up each week. I always appreciate it and hope you continue to find it worth your while!  I know I really love looking through all the links each week.  Here are some favorites!

Faux Metallic Letters

So cool. I can't believe those aren't metal!

Men's Shirt to Cute Shirt


Thrifting Treasures

Such fun treasures! 

Skinny Caramel Trifles

Holy Moly. Yes please!

Electric Lemonade

This looks so refreshing!

Now it's time for Latest and Greatest Friday Link Party #40!

Smocked Drop Cloth Curtains

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DIY smocked curtains made from drop cloths!  Let's lead with a picture, shall we?

Recently I fell in love with some burlap smocked curtains. I couldn't get my mind off of them.  Kari Anne at Thistlewood Farms introduced us. See, she has them in her dining room and that's how we fell in love. Have you visited Thistlewood Farms?  You should. You'll never want to live any place else. Her style is perfection.

Chevron Lamp Makeover: Katie {Did} It

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Every so often one of my favorite things happens. Someone sees my little "Get Featured" button, clicks on it, emails me with some fantastic project they have completed, and then they allow me to share it on my blog. I find this so fun and exciting because I love getting to know you all in a way other than "Great job!  Love the colors you used!"  The other day Katie at Katie{Did} It emailed me this awesome lamp makeover and I am so happy to have her today as a guest blogger to show us how she did it!  Didn't she do a great job?  I love the colors she used!  (ha ha ha!  couldn't resist. well, it's true too.)


Painting a Fireplace Surround, Hanging Fireplace Updates

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We were busy today updating our fireplace!  Years and years ago I had purchased a pair of oil rubbed bronze candle sconces from Pottery Barn.  They hung in our living room and they were cool enough!  I wasn't sure if I would use them in this house since I'm lightening things up a bit but then I decided I wanted them above our fireplace. So that's where we put them!

Link Party #39 and Features

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Here are last week's features and this week's link party!  Enjoy!

Lemonade Pie

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Photo Tips

Pottery Barn Inspired Artwork

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I love creating things inspired by Pottery Barn! I was browsing the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and came across these way cool vintage inspired framed flashcards. Teaching is so important to me and I always find myself drawn to school inspired accessories and thought these would be perfect for me!  Plus I have a very mild vintage school theme going on in the powder room. I wanted to hang these outside the door as a little tongue-in-cheek ode to the bathroom.

Black Painted Rooms, Walls, Etc.

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So I mentioned that we painted our powder room black a few weeks ago. We used chalkboard paint but I must admit that I liked it better when it was simple and dark, before we started writing on it. It was chic and clean next to the bright white bead board. So I started cruising the 'net for rooms painted black to see how it looks applied in other rooms.  I love a black wall or a whole room of them!

Elle Decor

House Beautiful
The key to keeping black from becoming too dark and overwhelming seems to be to pair it with white to create a high contrast.  Personally, I adore some gold elements next to it!

House to Home



I am madly in love with this dining room.  I'm not loving the pheasant feathers everywhere but otherwise I just adore it!

Photo:  Tate Gunnerson

Apartment Therapy / French By Design

Jones Design Company

What do you think?  Yay or nay?