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Chevron Lamp Makeover: Katie {Did} It

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Every so often one of my favorite things happens. Someone sees my little "Get Featured" button, clicks on it, emails me with some fantastic project they have completed, and then they allow me to share it on my blog. I find this so fun and exciting because I love getting to know you all in a way other than "Great job!  Love the colors you used!"  The other day Katie at Katie{Did} It emailed me this awesome lamp makeover and I am so happy to have her today as a guest blogger to show us how she did it!  Didn't she do a great job?  I love the colors she used!  (ha ha ha!  couldn't resist. well, it's true too.)


Hello Days of Chalk and Chocolate readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at Katie {Did}It! I am so super excited to be here today! I love to read Jenny's blog, and I am thrilled that she has let me be a part of it today. Thanks Jenny!

So at first I wasn't really sure if I was on board with the Chevron thing... I have to be honest... But over time, it's kinda grown on me. I don't like a ton of it, like on rugs or things, but a little flare of it is nice. And I had this old lamp and lampshade that was in serious need of a makeover. So it got one! I saw this on Pinterest, and I decided I would give it a try.

Now, I have to be honest about this project... It kind of irritated me. I don't have tons of patience, and I'm also an 'eye ball' it kind of girl... I don't really like to measure, and luckily for me, eye balling it usually works. But not this time... I got my first two rows done... And it looked down right wonky... Not even close. The hubzy came in from mowing the lawn, looked at me on the couch with this ridiculous taped up lamp shade, and said: "You need to measure it out". I shot him a look, ripped off all the tape, and said (begged with my best puppy dog eyes): "Will you pleaaaaassee do it for me?! You know how I hate to measure!" And he's such a sweetie, he took the lampshade, kissed my forehead, and taped it all up in a matter of a few minutes.

I was just so glad to have it done! What he did to cut the strips, was to measure out one long piece of tape, and then cut strips out of the long piece that were all equal length.

You may also need to trim the part where the points meet up, but most likely you wont have to do that too many times. Once it's all taped up, you can start painting. I grabbed a foam brush, acrylic paint, and went to town. I didn't use a brush stroke method because I didn't want the paint to seep under the tape. I used a dabbing or a pouncing method around the tape edges, and then smoothed it over in the middle of the stripes. It took me a little while because the material on this shade is like a canvas, burlap type fabric which kept soaking it up, so I used quite a bit of paint. I used a whole small bottle of the acrylic paint. I also spray painted the base of the lamp using Krylon's Oxford Blue. *Love It*.

I was not sure that I would like this at all when I was finished... But as it turns out, I LOVE it! There were only a few spots where a little bit of paint leaked under the tape (and luckily it was on the back of the shade!), and other than that, it came out really clean and smooth! I was very pleased with the results.

What do you think? Have you tried any projects with Chevron?

I also plan to paint the little black side table that this lamp sits on... And it too will get just a little bit of chevron on it. But you will have to head on over to my blog for that project!

Thanks again Jenny!  And I'd love for you to visit me at Katie {Did} It!

Stay Crafty My Friends.....


  1. Looks great! Love the colour. lol ~ Maureen

  2. HAHA!!! I hate measuring too Katie and I ALWAYS make my hubs do it too. Cute lamp!


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