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Black Painted Rooms, Walls, Etc.

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So I mentioned that we painted our powder room black a few weeks ago. We used chalkboard paint but I must admit that I liked it better when it was simple and dark, before we started writing on it. It was chic and clean next to the bright white bead board. So I started cruising the 'net for rooms painted black to see how it looks applied in other rooms.  I love a black wall or a whole room of them!

Elle Decor

House Beautiful
The key to keeping black from becoming too dark and overwhelming seems to be to pair it with white to create a high contrast.  Personally, I adore some gold elements next to it!

House to Home



I am madly in love with this dining room.  I'm not loving the pheasant feathers everywhere but otherwise I just adore it!

Photo:  Tate Gunnerson

Apartment Therapy / French By Design

Jones Design Company

What do you think?  Yay or nay?



  1. Yay! I love that dining room, too. Also like the wall with the floral design on it (wallpaper or stencil?).

  2. I love a dark room or wall. I used Charcoal by Colorplace at Walmart. Colorplace is made by DutchBoy, so it covers well. It was black....but not "whoa, what did this lady paint her walls with" black. I love chalkpaint for that reason too.

    Can't wait to see it :)


  3. The results are outstanding. I know how beautiful it will be.


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