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Project Failure, No Mess Toddler Activities

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Do you ever have a craft, sewing, or decorating project that doesn't turn out as you expected?  Before you answer, Let me tell your a fairy tale. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a happy group of home bloggers. These bloggers were so lucky because eveything in their land was perfect. These bloggers could bake bread (in a jar!), stitch up a few dresses for their daughters (don't throw away that old pool cover!  Upcycle it!), make 100 paper pinwheels, and still have time to take a few pictures of themselves in their cute thrifted outfits. Their husbands are hot and LOVE their blogger spouse's drive and ambition to blog. These husbands adore keeping the kids out of the garage while Mommy makes homemade chalk paint.  They really love when their bloggers decide to paint the living room again (and again).  And the children in this far away blog land keep their rooms neat. And I mean neat. Every book is in it's rain gutter, I mean shelf and  every piece of homemade clothing is hung on color coordinated hangers with little chalkboard labels.

And in this perfect place, every project comes out perfectly. Ok, so maybe these bloggers do thing like measure and use pins.  Maybe some of them don't.


I do not live in that land. Apparently.

So I recently put some no mess toddler painting ideas into motion. Ellie had fun!  She was less interested in the paint-in-a-bag idea than she was in the painting-with-water idea. Hey, the best idea is the one that gives Mama 15 minutes to check Pinterest is what I say!

Put some paint in a large ziplock. Place it on top of white paper. Tape with painter's tape to secure. Push, mix, draw, etc. the paint inside the bag.

All kidding aside, I did this to help kids learn how to print their letters in the correct formation when I taught K.
I think it is great for that. Ellie kept trying to look underneath the ziplock bag for the paint and got
ticked when there wasn't any.

Painting with water. Honestly, if I need to give directions for this we need to talk.

"Interesting, Ma. This paint looks suspiciously similar to water."

"We're in a recession, Ellie. Keep painting."

So who wants a new tablecloth??  Anyone?  Bueller? Bueller?



  1. HaHa... and THIS is why I don't attempt sewing projects. Mine would not even resemble a tablecloth. ;)

  2. 72" rouond tablecloths at Home Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. Good try, tho. Recycle it as a picnic cloth for the girls in the back yard! :)) Ellie is adorable!

  3. Hey, I give you all the credit in the world for even attempting a sewing project!! I wouldn't even know how to turn on a sewing machine;) Love your honesty, and your little girl's adorable!! XO

  4. Ok, I admit, I just started using pins and my projects are so much better. Seriously. I don't know what was wrong with me. But your whole first paragraph had me cracking up, especially with the hot husband who's ok with the blogging spouse. Yea. Right. :)

  5. I'm loving the painting with water idea... So cute! She is being creative, it's mess free and it is cheap :) Very cool!

  6. I was LOL at every book in their rain gutter. Too funny.

    I have done painting with water outside on the fence and sidewalks but never on paper oddly enough :-)

  7. I'm laughing so hard! Not at you. Really. You did not fail at the tablecloth. The table failed by being too big. You simply get a smaller table, which your hot hubby is happy to buy, and take new pics. PS - don't show the side where the ruffle doesn't meet. ~ Maureen

  8. hahaha! My fails usually involve clothing....sometimes I might still wear them, even though I shouldn't! lol


  9. might i suggest having her finger paint in the bathtub naked? I taped paper on the walls for my little ones and let them have naked paint time. clean up is soooo easy ;)

  10. Hey, you made those adorable ruffled playroom curtains so I still think you can do no wrong! :) Loved the part of the story where the hot hubby keeps the kids out of the garage while mommy makes chalk paint! :)

  11. Super cute! Painting with water on a chalkboard is fun too.
    New follower from the blog hop: Musings of an Imperfect Mom

  12. Thank you for making me laugh today!! Great post!!

  13. I hate it when my final project looks nothing like the picture in my head that it's supposed to look like.


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