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10 DIY Coffee Stations

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I grew up hearing my parents, my grandparents, and my aunts and uncles always talking about having each other over for "cake and coffee."  As a kid, the idea of cake would have been heartstoppingly awesome but alas, it wasn't like that.  The aunts coming over for "cake and coffee" meant the following:

Throwback Thursday: First Post Ever--Flower Pin

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I don't usually get into the whole Throwback Thursday thing but I thought it would be fun to participate today!  I know my 3 year blogiversary is coming up and couldn't even remember what my first post was about!  So I thought it would be fun to re-blog it today!  ACK!  I've come a long way, I think!  LOL!

So here it is...

Lots of Easy Crafts! BFF Star: Pitter and Glink!

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I haven't featured a Blog Feature Friday Star in a long while so I decided this is the perfect time to do it! This week's star is a super-crafter and everything she makes looks pretty and perfect. Plus, she is SO nice and SO supportive. In fact, this blog is one I started reading from the start! 

Grain Sack Inspired Painted Bench

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My sister recently gave me a long bench that she used in her kitchen. It was great as it was able to hold multiple little heineys at the same time!  I have been wanting to build a banquette in our eating nook in our kitchen but when she decided to get of the bench and give it to me, I decided this would be much easier and less permanent!  So I gave it a simple grain sack inspired paint treatment and now it holds multiple heineys in our kitchen!

21 Curtain Ideas on a Budget!

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You all know I love a decorating bargain but sometimes adding beautiful accessories on a budget can be daunting! Hometalk is a wonderful resource for all sorts of home and garden ideas, including easy, DIY, and low cost ones. 

hometalk curtain roundup DIY cheap

Rainy Day 4th of July Craft for Kids

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Happy 4th of July everyone!  God Bless America and let's be grateful that some brave men and women ventured out and dared to create such a beautiful country! 

If you are like me and are on the East coast you are probably watching your 4th of July festivities get washed away by rain and thunderstorms.

4th of July Banner (Summer Craft)

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This summer craft 4th of July banner article was originally posted at Live Creatively Inspired, a contributor driven lifestyle website. Your favorite home, garden, and craft bloggers contributing great ideas in one place!

 Now, onto getting your 4th of July on!

 Wa-hoo!  Have you been getting into the spirit of the holiday with patriotic crafts?  I did! I created a quick and easy patriotic bunting but I used red, white, and blue in a more subtle way. This way, it doesn't scream "FLAG!" and I can use it throughout the summer!