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4th of July Banner (Summer Craft)

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 Now, onto getting your 4th of July on!

 Wa-hoo!  Have you been getting into the spirit of the holiday with patriotic crafts?  I did! I created a quick and easy patriotic bunting but I used red, white, and blue in a more subtle way. This way, it doesn't scream "FLAG!" and I can use it throughout the summer!

patriotic bunting

I selected fabrics my fabrics and created a triangle template from cardboard. Then I traced each piece and cut each pennant with pinking shears. 
I cut a long strip of fabric about an inch wide. I folded 1/2 " in on each side and pressed it down.

patriotic bunting

Then I folded it longways in the middle and pressed it again.

patriotic bunting

I pinned each triangle inside the fold of the fabric strip and then ran it straight through my sewing machine. It was that easy!

patriotic bunting

I love that it is red, white, and blue...festive!

patriotic bunting

patriotic bunting

I purchased these fabrics for this bunting project but wouldn't this be a great way to get rid of some scrap fabric? 

patriotic bunting 8

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I hope your weekend is great!  

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  1. I loved the pinked edge (is that what it is called?) That is darling!

  2. Such great fabric choices...it really can go all summer. I love that! I might have to fabric glue ;) this girl can't sew...


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