Days of Chalk and Chocolate: Love Note Pillows and a Question

Love Note Pillows and a Question

I have so many large house projects to work on that I haven't been taking on any little ones. But I couldn't let Valentine's Day go by (even though it's 4 weeks away) without a little something. So last night I made these pillows that I like to call Love Note Pillows.   One has a little pocket in which to stash some love notes and the other is just an ooops that turned into a companion pillow.  I was inspired to do the love poem script from Roeshel's drop cloth script curtains over at the DIY Show Off.

Measure and cut out two pieces of white cotton duck.   Secure to your table using blue tape to prevent the fabric from shifting as you write. Place a piece of cardboard under in case the Sharpie bleeds through.  Begin writing your words, poem, song, whatever.   I selected a love poem called  Love's Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley that had lots of Valentiney words in it. I knew no one would read it but I wanted love words.

Sorry about the blurriness in some of the pics.

Cut out two red hearts from felt. I used a scalloped decoration as a pattern but then decided to cut off the scallops. Leave one heart intact but cut the other in half.

Place the half on top of the intact heart (creating the pocket) and stitch around to secure. I used a zig zag just to make it fun but as you can see my stitching isn't that straight. No biggee to me.

I guess you could sew it on the fabric at this time too but I chose to secure it using Liquid Stitch.  Let dry.

Right sides together, sew your two squares together leaving an opening for the pillow.

Stuff with your pillow insert, seal up either by sewing or by Liquid Stitching  and you're done.

The second, smaller pillow I made because my first attempt at writing the poem was a bust. I spelled "thou" as "though" and that wouldn't do. So I cut off that line and made a smaller pillow. I made a ruffle from red felt by setting my machine to the longest stitch but the tightest tension and stitching down the middle. I sewed the ruffle onto the front piece before doing the right-sides-together-sew-stuff steps.

Changing topics:  Can you have too much drop cloth decorating? I would really love to hear your thoughts.