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New Online Shelter Mag--91

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Have you guys seen this magazine?  It's called 91 and it's launched quarterly. The next installment (2nd issue) is due out in February.  The magazine is created by Caroline Taylor who has a beautiful interior design blog called Patchwork Harmony .  91 has a bit of a vintage edge to it so it appeals to me more than some other shelter mags which tend to use such high end furnishings that there is no way I can relate.  I love the soft pretty fabrics, vintage details, and eclectic styles that are showcased, too.

Here's a taste
91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

This is just a tease. You'll have to check it out yourself!  I can't wait for the next issue to be released!

And as for me, I was wrestling this morning with hanging a large curtain rod in my dining room. The darn anchor just wouldn't go in. Jim discovered that our heating vent that runs through to our second story was the blocker. Sigh. Nothing seems easy sometimes!


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  1. WOW, I have to check thi sout too.. Thanks SO much for sharing ; )).. Hope everything turns out perfect with your curtains : )) .. Have an amazing week.. xoxox


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