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Powder Room Update, Goals for 2012

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I tackled the powder room again. This time it went much better. I'm just going to plug away at it a little each night until it surrenders.   On the plus side, it's a heckuva workout and my arms and so sore!  But it's a good sore that lets me know a kickbutt powder room is on the way.  I went to Pinterest for some inspiration tonight when I was getting a bit down about it all. Look at these amazing rooms!

Via Pinterest
I tried to go to the original link but I
couldn't find it. But I love the wallpaper.

Munger Interiors
Isn't that faucet great??  I love the muted colors too.

Kristen Buckingham
This is so so sweet. I love the horizontal
paneling and the corner placed mirror.
Decor Pad
Again I couldn't get back to the original link
but I adore this wallpaper, wide crown moulding
and the light fixture. not digging the one-legged sink.
It feels a little "cyclops" to me.

Moving on...what are you  going to resolve to do this 2012?  I have a list.

1. Have more patience with my girls.
2. Work more and beef up our savings account.
3. Finish the powder room and the upstairs bathroom. Anything else is gravy.
4. Be more active, eat healthier, be a better example to my daughters.
5. Spend more time on Pinterest (ha ha ha!  kidding)
6. Cook more often and use the crock pot more.

I hope you are all off to a fantastic 2012!  I will have two projects to show you soon!  I'm so excited about each!  Here is a preview though...

Oh and when I was looking for pictures I found this one from over a year ago. Molly was a super napper and would bury herself in the covers completely, head and all. One day I saw this and couldn't help but take a picture. Those little piggies were the only things peeping out.

I am seeing so many cool projects linked up to the various link parties and to mine.  Aren't you all so creative???  I will feature some tomorrow!  Check back and see if it's your project!!


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  1. Hi Jenny- visiting from my Dashboard, sitting patiently waiting for the party to start (thanks BTW for doing them!)

    You said crock pot more in your cooking. Don't know if you know this site but this lady did it for a WHOLE 365 days...yes a WHOLE YEAR-- EVERY DAY! Check it out.


    Smiles, Suzanne at WhyCuzICan


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