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Mini Gallery Wall

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I dug out some of my favorite framed "artwork" this week. I use the term artwork very loosely in that only 1 of them is an actual painting. The others are either mass produced prints, postcards, or whathaveyou.  But I still like each and every one. 

That gold chair was left by the previous owners. I have plans for it as you might imagine.

This corner of our living room holds my favorite piece of furniture, my barrister bookcase. My father was an attorney and this was one of several he had in his office. My mom was my dad's secretary for most of his career so we spent a lot of time in their office. This reminds me of my childhood and of my parents. It feels like home to me.  Inside I store treasures such as our parents' wedding pictures, my bridal bouquet, childhood editions of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, the silver cups my parents gave my children and the one my grandmother gave me, photo albums, etc.

Remember to add accessories in odd numbers. It is just more pleasing
to the eye and I really find that to be true.

I know the gallery wall may be a little sparse but that was intentional. I don't care for walls loaded with pictures, it's just not my taste. And I didn't want a rectangular or square formation. I also like it because it allows me to add to it. My walls are forever changing and I like to have room to add/take away.

The two small gold frames on the bottom are
postcards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I bought those while viewing the collection of  DaVinci's
private notebooks which he wrote almost entirely in mirror
image. Interesting.  The nest picture is from The Graphics Fairy
The black square collage frame holds pictures of a trip to Italy
my grandparents took in the 60s.  The painting is from our honeymoon
in Hawaii and the school girl was a gift from my parents
when I became a teacher.
I know I only give you snippets of my rooms and never a whole view and mostly that's because I can barely keep them toy free for a second. So one day I will show you the room in its entirety. It just won't be today, lol!

Today we got our first snowfall in NJ. Molly and Ellie went out first thing in the morning and promptly came back in once their wrists got full of snow. I remember that feeling...ICKY.  Anyway, I won't show you my living room but I guess you can see the backyard in it's large plastic toy filled state. We have a beautiful swing set that Jim restained and made pretty. It's safely sitting in pieces in Jim's brother's backyard so we are making do until spring.

Blurry, I know, but how do I not show you this?  Ellie was not
impressed with the snow.

Hope your hot cocoa is hot and your marshmallows plentiful today!

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  1. I really like the gallery wall, they can be tricky and yours turned out great! Following along! Oh and I love that last picture!

  2. Looks great -- and adorable pics of the kiddos

  3. Your gallery wall looks great...I am planning on doing one in my living room!


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