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Features From Last Week's Party

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WHEW! Today was an amazingly tiring day. I had a very, um, exuberant class. 5th grade boys are so special in their own way and that's all I have to say about that! : )

So last week was awesome! You guys rock! Thank you so much for linking up and supporting the party each week. These were some of my faves!

I need this buffet in my dining room. How can I get her to give it to me???  The paint really highlights the details.

Dumped and Discovered

"French" and "blue" may be my new two favorite words after seeing this dresser transformation. See ya, "mint" &  "chip!"

Larissa Hill Designs

Couldn't you just dig into this right now? I could have used a dozen  one of these cheesecakes today.

Inside BruCrew Life

I can't stop loving this apron even though Christmas is over. It is such a cute apron and would make a beautiful hostess gift around the holidays! 

Purple Chocolate Home

I am either obsessed with french things today or furniture or both because I just adore this french opera table!  So clever!

Lovely, Etc.
ok, one more because I really want to feature them all but that would be an awfully long post.

This zippered clutch doesn't even appear homemade to me, it's so perfect!  Someday I'll sew like this. Or someday I'll pay for something someone else sewed like this. Either or. Isn't it so pretty? 

Threading My Way

All of these women have some beautiful and creative blogs so I hope you'll follow them as well as visit! And I hope to see you all this week at the party too!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Thanks so much for featuring my zippered pouch, Jenny. See you at this week's party. Have a great weekend...

  2. Jenny; Thanks so much for including my "French Blue" chest. I'm honored. Heather

  3. Thank you so much for showing off my cheesecakes...it made my day!!!!

  4. Thanks for the feature! It is among so many other great projects here! On a side note, I am an elementary school counselor so I am well aware of the trials of 5th grade boys - though I think I would probably take the boys over the girls most days.


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