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Whitewashed Fireplace

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Hi friends!  So glad to see you again!  This post will be brief because I have only a few minutes to write but I couldn't wait to show you all how I upgraded our fireplace with a whitewash!  It was an easy and quick DIY to give the fireplace a fresh look and all it took was a little latex paint and water!  I'll post more in depth details this week.  But for now, here are some pictures!  

Easy DIY Self-Adhesive Faux Tile Backsplash

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Update!  I painted my counter tops which you can see HERE!

Whew!  That's a long title for this post. But it's all true! Self-Adhesive Faux Tile Backsplash tiles are so easy to use.  I was having issues in my kitchen because we are saving for a full remodel but it won't be happening in the next year, at the least. So I'm trying to find ways to live with what I have which is gnarly. But I came across a product in Home Depot and gave it a whirl. I installed a self-adhesive tile backsplash!  It was so easy and the results have fooled several of my neighbors into thinking I got a glass tile backsplash! 

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is simply my opinion of a product I used in my home.

Vintage Curtain Maxi Skirt (Simple Sewing)

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 Do you love maxi skirts? Do you love DIY maxi skirts?  And are you a fabric hoarder? Do you have stacks and stacks of lovely fabrics but find yourself compelled to keep buying?  Do you go to the thrift store and buy clothes to use as fabric because you just can't get enough?? If so, come sit by me. 

 I bought a vintage curtain at the thrift store for $2 and turned it into the cutest ruffled little girl's maxi skirt!   Molly loves wearing homemade clothes like the 4th of July pillowcase dresses I made and now she  loves her twirly maxi skirt with the tiers of eyelet ruffles.

Top 20 Easy and Fun Toddler Activities!

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We've had a great summer and I have been able to keep Ellie busy despite the fact that she's a toddler who can not be pleased by anything other than Team Umizoomi.We have managed to fill our days with cute, easy activities to keep a toddler busy and happy for, like, 10 seconds. But those 10 seconds are magical. 

So here is a list of our favorite top 20 summertime (or anytime) toddler activities!

Follow Me On Instagram!

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 I finally got with the program and I am now on Instagram. Already I'm addicted and I would love to see your pics too! Follow me by clicking on the icon below!


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21 Amazing Cheesecake Recipes!

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Clockwise From Top Left: Brown-Eyed Baker, My Baking Addiction, , A Bitchin Kitchen, My Baking Addiction

We love cheesecake around here and I started collecting all sorts of cheesecake-ish recipes. I thought I'd share them with you!  So here are 21 recipes I thought sounded like heaven.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

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So not only is it my two year blogging anniversary, it is also my 9 year wedding anniversary!  Jim and I have a long history and I'm happy we'll continue to make memories in the future.  If you are interested in seeing our wedding, I posted about it last year here.

Easy Chocolate Croissants Done Two Ways

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I love an easy breakfast recipe and if it's a sweet recipe, all the better!  Recently, I made some chocolate croissants using two different types of chocolate. We gobbled them up for snacks, breakfasts, late night treats, etc. The girls loved them although I had to tell Ellie it was a donut before she'd eat it.

This is so freakin' easy that I feel a little foolish to call it a recipe. And all the French people will say "No, that's no croissant!"  So ok, it's a crescent roll. But it  is still tres bien!

I used a can of reduced fat crescent roll dough, Nutella, and a milk chocolate Hershey Bar. That's it.

Let's talk Hershey Bar first.  I used 3 little rectangles for each roll but I would use more next time.

1. Unroll each triangle and lay two pieces of chocolate at the large end.
2. Roll one time to cover the chocolate.
3. Add another piece of chocolate.
4. Finish rolling.
Ok, now the Nutella. This isn't rocket surgery.

1. Smear Nutella on crescent roll dough.
2. Roll up.
3. Take Nutella and a large spoon into the coat closet.
4. Crouch down in the corner so you can be alone with your Nutella.
5. Yell, "Mind your beeswax!!" to anyone who opens the door.
6. Eat half the jar.
7. Hang your head in shame.
8. Eat the other half to soothe your shameful soul.
9. Exit closet. Smooth clothes and hair. Place empty jar in the bottom of the recycling container and lay lots of newspapers on top.
10. It never happened.

So then you bake according to the directions on the package and you have a sweet, chocolaty little treat.

Hershey Bar version

I sprinkled the Nutella ones with sparkly sugar so we'd know which is which.

I love to link up to these fun parties!