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Easy Chocolate Croissants Done Two Ways

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I love an easy breakfast recipe and if it's a sweet recipe, all the better!  Recently, I made some chocolate croissants using two different types of chocolate. We gobbled them up for snacks, breakfasts, late night treats, etc. The girls loved them although I had to tell Ellie it was a donut before she'd eat it.

This is so freakin' easy that I feel a little foolish to call it a recipe. And all the French people will say "No, that's no croissant!"  So ok, it's a crescent roll. But it  is still tres bien!

I used a can of reduced fat crescent roll dough, Nutella, and a milk chocolate Hershey Bar. That's it.

Let's talk Hershey Bar first.  I used 3 little rectangles for each roll but I would use more next time.

1. Unroll each triangle and lay two pieces of chocolate at the large end.
2. Roll one time to cover the chocolate.
3. Add another piece of chocolate.
4. Finish rolling.
Ok, now the Nutella. This isn't rocket surgery.

1. Smear Nutella on crescent roll dough.
2. Roll up.
3. Take Nutella and a large spoon into the coat closet.
4. Crouch down in the corner so you can be alone with your Nutella.
5. Yell, "Mind your beeswax!!" to anyone who opens the door.
6. Eat half the jar.
7. Hang your head in shame.
8. Eat the other half to soothe your shameful soul.
9. Exit closet. Smooth clothes and hair. Place empty jar in the bottom of the recycling container and lay lots of newspapers on top.
10. It never happened.

So then you bake according to the directions on the package and you have a sweet, chocolaty little treat.

Hershey Bar version

I sprinkled the Nutella ones with sparkly sugar so we'd know which is which.

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  1. My girls would love these (minus the nutella - they are allergic)!! Happy anniversary too!

  2. Great article, the chocolate makes my mouth water. Reminds me of 86-Proof Chocolate Cake recipe which I tried once but this one is more delicious.


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