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How To Make Faux Driftwood

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A few weeks ago I showed y'all the microwave cart I turned into a pool center for all of our summer beach and pool gear. I wanted to beach it up a bit so I painted the top to resemble driftwood and I was really happy with the results.  It was an easy DIY project that even the art-impaired can accomplish!

Does it look exactly like driftwood?  Nah. But know what?  I don't care!  It has the same feeling, the essence of driftwood, if you will. Here is how I did it in case you wanted to give something the essence of driftwood. That is also the name of my new DIY perfume, by the way. Essence of Driftwood by Jenny. It comes in a bottle that is upcycled from a Crystal Light container.  I'm on a tangent.

Ok, driftwood. Ready?  GO!

1.I used acrylic craft paints in a medium gray, light brown, and white. I first mixed the gray paint with a little brown and then with some water so it was a very loose consistence.

2. I painted on the watered down paint with a bristled paintbrush and I used a paper towel to immediately wipe it off. I I did that 3 times.

3. Then I brushed on white paint (NOT watered down) in random places, making it heavier in some areas and lighter in others. I wiped that off too but not as much.

4. I then repeated the watered down gray step, wiping off the excess right away and follwed up with more white. I simply layered these until it was the look I wanted. I still wanted some of the light brown wood to show through.

5. I coated it with natural colored finishing wax. I chose the wax because I didn't want a shiny look. It was perfect.


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