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10 DIY Coffee Stations

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I grew up hearing my parents, my grandparents, and my aunts and uncles always talking about having each other over for "cake and coffee."  As a kid, the idea of cake would have been heartstoppingly awesome but alas, it wasn't like that.  The aunts coming over for "cake and coffee" meant the following:

1. The cake was always some kind of almondy-glazey thing that tastes good with coffee (which equals yuck to me). And the only thing to drink would be...wait for it...coffee. Here is a better cake recipe.

2. All the grown-ups would be sitting in the dining room with said cake and coffee.

3. We weren't allowed in the dining room or if we were we didn't go in it anyway because the cake was yucky, the coffee was yucky, and they yelled at you to get out from under the table.

Now as a grown-up, we tend not to do the whole nutty-unfrosted-weird cake thing but we do enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and exchanging charming anecdotes about our children (such as this weekend when Ellie said to her grandfather, "Pop Pop, aren't you supposed to be funny?" Charming. Or when she came up to me and yelled "Pop the big balloon!" and poked my stomach. Adorable).

But what the previous generations didn't realize was that it really isn't about the cake or the coffee or the company. It's about having an AWESOME COFFEE STATION! OMG you don't have one?  Darling...everybody has one.  Don't you know that you simply can't plunk down a cup and some sugar in a Tupperware container and milk in a  plastic bottle?  How gauche.   Read on and become civilized because today I am sharing my favorite coffee stations!

coffee station


Some are large, some small, some move around, some are as simple as a tray or small bench that creates a feeling that coffee time is a special time!
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  1. How lovely. I wish I had a spot to make to a coffee station. I'm going to take a good look today.

  2. Wonderful blog post! Great memories! Great writing! Great ideas! I will be re-doing my coffee station pronto! Thanks!

  3. I took over some built in shelves in my kitchen...Love my coffee/tea station!

  4. Just started today to turn my hutch into a coffee station. I'm loving it!!

  5. using a 1950 buffet cart (love it). to build my little coffee station

  6. I love the yellow cups on Natalie creates coffee bar. I'm going to do yellow on my coffee bar also. How would I go about finding where she purchased those.


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