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Stage Mother

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We have had a super busy May so far!  Among the school events, my nephew made his First Holy Communion and Molly had her dance recital. I have to admit that Molly dances not just because she enjoys it but because I'm living vicariously through her. As a kid, I begged and pleaded to take lessons even though I secretly knew I would never be unchubby enough to actually step foot outside in a leotard.

Lemon Cream Scones (Recipe)

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Today I'm sharing a recipe for Lemon Cream Scones. Sometimes I love a breakfast pastry with my morning coffee and these Lemon Cream Scones are perfect!

Displaying Family Heirlooms

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The best way to start this post about displaying family heirlooms is with a story. Ok, a story and a picture maybe. Maybe a picture of a family heirloom first.

Eclectically Vintage-- Kitchen Love

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I met Kelly of Eclectically Vintage during our local blogger get together at Cutting Edge Stencils. My first impression of her was that she was chic and smart. And guess what?  She is. And she has beautiful taste that I envy. Her blog is luscious....gorgeous photography and so many creative, crafty, DIY, and decoration ideas. You can spend hours pouring over her stuff!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Wishing you all a lovely Mother's Day!  I hope you all enjoy this day!

Teacher Appreciation/End of the Year Gift

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Who doesn't love cake?  No one. And teachers love to eat. Have you ever seen the inside of the faculty room?  Full of cake.  When I was growing up we would try to catch a glimpse inside as we walked by to learn  all their secrets. Know what?  All we ever saw were the teachers smoking and reading the paper. I can't even fathom going in here to smoke nowadays. Of course, now that we aren't smoking there is a lot more cake in the faculty room. 

Teacher Appreciation: Jazzing Up A Ho-Hum Plant

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Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
"You're a pretty good teacher. Thanks.So tell me again the purpose of writing a spelling word 5x?"
"Holy mackerel!  You are seriously the most creative and effectivel teacher ever. Thank you so much for all you do for our sweet children. We can't thank you enough. You really deserve a day at the spa or an African violet."

DIY Menu Chalkboard

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A few weeks ago, Ellie, Pixie and I were taking a walk around the block. It was garbage day and the garbage truck had already come by our neighborhood. However, I happened upon a piece of old wood that I guess they didn't take or missed. So I scooped it up knowing exactly what I would do with it!