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Stage Mother

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We have had a super busy May so far!  Among the school events, my nephew made his First Holy Communion and Molly had her dance recital. I have to admit that Molly dances not just because she enjoys it but because I'm living vicariously through her. As a kid, I begged and pleaded to take lessons even though I secretly knew I would never be unchubby enough to actually step foot outside in a leotard.

Anyway, I never got the lessons. We got music lessons instead.  We all joined the band in HS. A few years back I was giving my mom a little guilt about it and she explained that dance seemed like a waste of money because it's not something I would have used as an adult. I gently reminded her that I don't play my flute as an adult, I don't march around in a funny (hot) suit as an adult, and I rarely, if ever, stand at attention until we go onto the field at half-time.  So that's that.
But I will confess that it takes everything in me not to be a stage mom. I want to push her to continue dancing, to love it. I want her to take 5 dance classes a week when she's a teen, move to NYC as a young woman, and be a prima ballerina. I fight the urge to go back to work to pay for it all: the lessons, the costumes, the dance camps, etc.  I also want her to be a kid so I guess that's why I don't do all those things. But man, I sure want to sometimes. But no, childhood is more important.
Lately I have noticed that I send two kids out to play in our backyard but when I look outside there are usually 3-4 more that have come to play. I love that!  I love our neighborhood with all the kids playing, riding bikes, etc.  Molly is having a blast running from backyard to backyard barefoot with melted ice pop on her shirt with a group of kids dressed in much the same manner.  They hang upside down on the swingset (ACK!), hide out in fallen tree branches, and playing hide-n-seek. I think that is what she should be doing at her age.
She wants to do gymnastics next year. I guess my years as a dance mom are over since I never wanted to do gymnastics. Oh well.


  1. Dance is always worth it...good for self esteem and teamwork building. You never know, she may change her mind...but don't push. My daughter just finished her freshman year of college with a dance major...and she has wanted to do that since she was 3. But I've seen too many girls through the years who only danced because their moms wanted them to. The happiest ones were there because they loved it.

    She looks beautiful and I hope she had fun at her first recital!


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