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Eclectically Vintage-- Kitchen Love

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I met Kelly of Eclectically Vintage during our local blogger get together at Cutting Edge Stencils. My first impression of her was that she was chic and smart. And guess what?  She is. And she has beautiful taste that I envy. Her blog is luscious....gorgeous photography and so many creative, crafty, DIY, and decoration ideas. You can spend hours pouring over her stuff!

Anyway, I have kitchens on my mind lately. Jim and I recently got some prices on new counters and cabinets and it may be doable for us. My kitchen isn't large so when you really count it all up, there isn't that much to redo. 
And during this, I can't get Kelly's kitchen out of my mind. It is my idea of just about perfect.  Here is my favorite part.
That's her pantry. Her pantry. Swoon!  And I adore those glass cabinets on top. Those are in my dream kitchen in my head. I love that Kelly has them in her actual kitchen!
Here is another glimpse of her beautiful space!
I don't want to give any more away. I urge you to go check out the rest of her kitchen tour!   Her stove rocks, by the way.
Ok, one last picture. Here is the before shot.   I couldn't resist! Either the previous owners were fire fighters who enjoyed hanging fire extinguishers as art or they were terrible cooks.
I hope you'll visit Kelly at Eclectically Vintage and tour the rest of her home too!


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