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Google Reader Goes Bye-Bye (Alternatives)

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Hi friends!  Happy Canada Day to all our friends up North!  I hope you have a fantastic celebration!  Next, I am sure you have heard that Google Reader is going away and you'll need to find a new way to follow this blog and any other blogs you enjoy reading. GASP!  What shall we all do?
I thought about giving you some suggestions but then I found Donna's post at Funky Junk Interiors which does the exact same thing! Yay for Donna!  Anyway, she lists a bunch of good feeds you can sign up for to stay current with your faves.. I urge you to visit her post and choose one but do it NOW so you can easily transfer all your blogs instead of having to do it manually.
I myself chose bloglovin'  for no other reason than it does the job and that's all I need but I may change based on what others are saying. We'll see.

Follow on Bloglovin Anyway, have a happy day and see you soon!


Frozen Strawberries-n-Cream Bites

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We served a variety of desserts at Ellie's birthday party a few weeks back. One of the more popular desserts was a strawberry fool. If you don't know what a fool is you don't know what you are missing!  Think sweetened mashed fruit stirred into sweetened whipped cream. That's it!  So easy and soooooo good.  It's the perfect summertime dessert.  But could I make it into a frozen dessert?  Hmmmmm. Yup!

Ellie's Butterfly Birthday Party

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Last week my sweet Ellie turned 3. She asked for a butterfly birthday party to celebrate so that's what we did!  I will admit that I wasn't up to a big crazy decorated party. I didn't want to spend days making garlands and poufs, icing 47 different types of cakes and desserts, and I was adamant that I wasn't going to be spray painting anything to make the perfect dessert tablescape.

Anyway, here are few pics of our little lady and her butterfly party!
She is spunky, surprising, beautiful, and growing so quickly that I can hardly believe it. 
butterfly birthday

Credenza Makeover-How To Make Outside Furniture Weather-Resistant

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I recently refinished an old credenza I found in my neighbor's garbage. My grandma used to say things like credenza. I guess I should also call jeans dungarees now too since I'm using the word credenza. But I really don't know what else to call it. So anyway, I took it out of the garbage and it looked like this.

Butterfly Birthday

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Ellie turns 3 this weekend and she decided she wanted a butterfly birthday party to celebrate!  We invited our families and good friends to enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather with us at a birthday barbecue. 

Country Living Fair--Some Pictures

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Jim and I dropped the girls off at my sister's house yesterday, hopped in the car, and headed to Rhinebeck, NY for the Country Living Fair!   It has been a weekend filled with antiques, crafts, vendors, some familiar faces, and exploring!

Country Living Fair

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Well, we're off to Rhinebeck, NY for the Country Living Fair!  Hope to see you there!  Don't let the rain keep you away!


Sugar Bowl Bird Feeder (Plus More DIY Feeders!)

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My kitchen window above my sink looks out to a good part of our backyard. I've been yearning for a bird feeder but haven't found one I really like. So I whipped up my own in about 2 seconds. My DIY bird feeder cost me $1 which is what I paid for the little bowl.

So many projects, so little time

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Do you keep a million DIY, craft, and home projects going at one time?  Ugh...we do. We currently have so many to finish but we keep starting new ones!  Here's a glimpse of some of our finished and unfinished projects we've been busy with for the past few weeks!

This is how the people before us repaired a leaky sump pump pipe. Yup, duct tape. It's like they didn't know it was really for making into flower topped pens and such.  We couldn't understand why our lawn was mushy in one spot until Jim uncovered this. He fixed it properly, of course!