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Google Reader Goes Bye-Bye (Alternatives)

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Hi friends!  Happy Canada Day to all our friends up North!  I hope you have a fantastic celebration!  Next, I am sure you have heard that Google Reader is going away and you'll need to find a new way to follow this blog and any other blogs you enjoy reading. GASP!  What shall we all do?
I thought about giving you some suggestions but then I found Donna's post at Funky Junk Interiors which does the exact same thing! Yay for Donna!  Anyway, she lists a bunch of good feeds you can sign up for to stay current with your faves.. I urge you to visit her post and choose one but do it NOW so you can easily transfer all your blogs instead of having to do it manually.
I myself chose bloglovin'  for no other reason than it does the job and that's all I need but I may change based on what others are saying. We'll see.

Follow on Bloglovin Anyway, have a happy day and see you soon!


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