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So many projects, so little time

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Do you keep a million DIY, craft, and home projects going at one time?  Ugh...we do. We currently have so many to finish but we keep starting new ones!  Here's a glimpse of some of our finished and unfinished projects we've been busy with for the past few weeks!

This is how the people before us repaired a leaky sump pump pipe. Yup, duct tape. It's like they didn't know it was really for making into flower topped pens and such.  We couldn't understand why our lawn was mushy in one spot until Jim uncovered this. He fixed it properly, of course!

I scored this and another little table out of my neighbor's garbage. I've been working on refinishing and repurposing both!  Almost ready to be revealed, too!

I couldn't find a medicine cabinet that I liked for our powder room. What to do?  Hmmm, build one of course.  We have a cool idea too so if we ever finish it I think you'll love it!

I painted these flower pots with chalkboard paint 9 years ago and I'm over it. So, they got hit with some pink spray paint to complement the girls' area of the yard!

Luckily, we've had time for some flea market and garage sale shopping in between!  I bought that antler $1.

Molly got a "princess mirror!" for $2.

$12 bought me 2 large vintage milk bottles, 1 medium, and 1 small. I like that they are all from local dairies too!

$3 and this candelabra was mine!

In between the shopping, measuring, painting, sanding, etc., we have managed to squeeze in a bit of fun too! Our town has a jubilee in our historic main street and the girls had so much fun!

And so since that wasn't enough stuff to do, Jim just about keeled over when he saw me pry up and carry away the ugly pavers in our backyard path and start digging out a new one. Oh yeah, it's 90 degrees here in Jersey. Anyway, today we got half way done but can we finish it?  Nope!  We have some tree stumps we need to have ground. Anyway, all in good time.

I admit I have enjoyed watching so many of you finish some very inspiring projects! WTG!


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