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DIY Flannel Throw Blanket

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You all know about my love for plaid and I can't seem to stop the love. I recently fell in love with a gray plaid flannel and whipped up a DIY flannel throw blanket in a weekend!

I added some fun pom poms on each corner too.

I started with 3 yards of flannel which I cut in half so I had two pieces that measured 1.5 yards (by whatever the width is...45" I believe.)
I also cut one piece of mid weight batting to the same dimensions.

I layered and pinned the layers like this from bottom to top:
flannel right side up
flannel right side down

I also added the pom poms at this time. They are sandwiched between the two flannel layers with the pom poms were pointing toward the middle.  When I made the pom poms I left the ties long so I had enough to pin to the corners.

Then I stitched around the outside with a 1/2 " seam allowance. I stopped and started so as to leave about a 6-8" opening.
I flipped it outside right just like a pillow case. I treated the batting and the neighboring flannel as one piece and flipped it so both sides of the flannel were outside (top and bottom of the blanket) with the batting sandwiched in the middle.

Then I tucked in the edges of the opening stitched it closed. Of course, one could always hand sew it closed too but I used my machine.

I quilted it by running a straight stitch every 3 inches following the lines of the plaid. This will keep the batting from bunching and shifting.  That's it!

 Pixie still prefers a tummy to keep warm though.


My Favorite Sewing Machine

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Four, maybe 5 years ago I decided I wanted to teach myself to sew. My mom had been a sewert when we were growing up and I remember standing next her as she was feeding the material through her machine or pinning a pattern.  The trouble was that I had 0 sewing knowledge!

Instead of spending money on a good, high quality machine, not knowing if I would bomb at sewing, I went out and bought a cheapo $80 machine. It was very basic and I started to watch tutorials, etc. And I was THE WORST sewer ever. I spent 90% of my time crying and wrenching knotted thread out of my machine and 10% actually sewing. I thought it was me...that I would never be able to sew something that didn't look like the dog got to it first.

On a whim, I entered a giveaway for a beautiful Singer One sewing machine  and to my great surprise and glee I won!  And to my further surprise and glee I discovered that I wasn't all to blame for my sewing failures. This new machine changed my sewing forever.

Singer One Sewing Machine

It literally purrs as it sews and threading it so turning the wheel and weaving the thread in and out of secret passageways!  It has all the special stitches you need for basic sewing needs and the bobbin tension is factory set. It never needs to be changed!  Of course you can change the top thread tension if need be. I will honestly say that my thread doesn't get tangled or mashed up in the back and now I spend 90% of my time sewing and 10% watching Murdoch Mysteries repeats while sewing.

Some of the other features I appreciate are the slide out tray which holds notions like my seam ripper (which still gets plenty of use), extra bobbins, and the 2 other feet attachments. I still haven't used those but I know one is a button foot.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just think that this machine is the perfect tool for  the home sewer/hobbiest.  I would gladly spend the $300 it usually retails for because it is worth it. If you need a great machine that gets the job done then I recommend this one. And today on Amazon it is at its lowest price I've ever seen!  $215!!

If you are thinking of purchasing a Singer One and have any questions about it email me and I'll answer as best I can!

And here are some projects I have sewn with it:

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Table It Link Party #80

Are you all snowed in?  We are and it is the perfect way to cap off a busy week!  On the blog this week and last, I had some Valentine's Day fun with these free printable bag toppers!

I also showed off some washi tape desk accessories and reviewed Amy Anderson's latest book, Washi Tape Crafts.

You'll remember that I announced I was joining forces with some fabulous bloggers to give you an awesome link party each week, right?  Well here we go!  I can not wait to see what you all link up:  
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Washi Tape Crafts book review, project, and announcement!

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I'm sure you are all familiar with washi tape, right?  Paper tape that comes in pretty designs which which you can decorate all sorts of stuff?  As usual, I'm late to the party because wow, I love this stuff now!  I wasn't sure about it though until I was asked to read/review Amy Anderson's book, Washi Tape Crafts.


Amy (of Mod Podge Rocks! fame) is a craft guru and I am not surprised that her book rocks, too!  It is filled with fun, sweet projects to jazz up your home, gifts, etc. The pictures are clear and the steps are easy to follow. I love that she includes a section in the beginning where she shares some basic tips, tricks, and techniques. Perfect for a novice taper such as myself!

The paperback edition comes with some cute rolls of coordinating tapes to get you started too.  Bonus!  I used those washi tapes to create some cheap but pretty desk accessories for Ellie. She is always carrying around and misplacing her drawing notebooks and pencils. I used a box and an old tin can, plus washi tape and the ideas I gleaned from Washi Tape Crafts to help her organize her things.

How cute are these?  She loves them too!



I found it adhered better when I overlapped each layer the slightest bit. Plus, be aware that the light colored tapes may be translucent and the material you are trying to cover may show through. I double wrapped those areas and that worked nicely!

Washi Tape Crafts would be a wonderful gift for a teen, teacher, or just anyone who is crafty.  I also think it is a great addition to your own library if you have kids or enjoy crafting yourself.

Now here is my announcement!  I'm so excited about it too.  I, along with these other amazing bloggers, will be co-hosting a link party!  Join us every Sunday night to link up your latest DIY, craft, recipe, or home project and to browse others' projects for new ideas!

See you on Sunday!

Valentine's Day Bag Toppers

     I know some people are not so in love with Valentine's Day but I admit that I'm NOT one of them. I adore the holiday!  I don't really need a romantic Valentine's Day but I do enjoy a festive one with cute decorations, valentines, and food. So I whipped up some Valentine's Day  printable bag toppers for the neighborhood kids!


There are 4 toppers on each printed page.

Here's a little throwback to some 4 more Valentine's Day printables too.

Have a great weekend!

10 Ideas For Using Plaid In Your Home

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plaid flannel pillows table runner tablecloth

I'm obsessed with plaid flannel right now. I think I've always had a thing for plaid flannel but now it has turned into a full fledged love affair!  Maybe it started to grow when all those yummy blanket scarves started to show up or maybe it is because, besides a well cut suit, all men look good in plaid. At any rate, I recently worked up a few pillows to bring a little wintery plaid to our living room. I also found some other ways to add some plaid this winter...because plaid isn't just for Christmas!!

flannel pillows livingroom christmas winter

Winter Living Room

Plaid in the Kitchen

Tablescape with Plaid Scarves

Sur La Table
Shirt Plaid Napkins

Plaid Ruffled Table Runner

World Market

Oval Stewart Dress Plaid Upholstered Ottoman

World Market

Oval Ancient Stewart Plaid Upholstered Ottoman

World Market

Oval Blackwatch Plaid Upholstered Ottoman

 Buffalo Plaid Table Runner Tutorial

Joann's Fabric

Moore Olive Plaid Wallpaper 

 Stay warm this week, east coasters!  El Nino is all "Ha! You thought you'd have a 60 degree winter! Not on my watch!"  It is supposed to plunge into, well, seasonal temperatures. So grab a plaid blanket and enjoy!

Oh, one more thing. there is a seriously awesome flash sale on cookware at Sur La Table today.   For example:  Nonstick 12-Piece Set + Bonus Braiser
Now $169.96  
Regularly $640!  73% off!