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DIY Galvanized Planters and Ladder Plant Stand

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About 11 years ago, Jim and I had a sweet little house that had a sweet little fence around it. I ran out and bought three of those hanging planter flower pots that you can hook onto fences and planted purple pansies in them every year.   When I dug those three flower pots out of the garage it was a signal that spring had arrived.

They were pastel colors when I bought them but spray painted them black with chalkboard paint after a year or two. After we moved into this house, I sprayed them hot pink so they could hang off the clubhouse part of play set since we no longer had a fence.

Fast forward to this spring. I once again dug out those three little hanging planters but knew they wouldn't stay hot pink for long.  In trying to get a galvanized effect, I spray painted them with a hammered nickel paint. It didn't exactly come out looking galvanized at all but I am happy with their silvery hue. It is way too hot for pansies so I planted some inpatients in them.

Then I wandered around the yard wondering where I could hang them.  In the vee of the dogwood tree? The neighbor's fence?  Running to the garage, i dragged out an old wooden ladder that I carted out of my neighbor's garbage 2 years ago. Jim moved it from here to there when looking for things in the garage. Now I finally had a reason to pry it out from between the old stroller and the weed whacker.

Propped against a tree, it made the perfect plant stand for my wee little pots of love.

It was so easy to change the look of these and I encourage you to embrace spray paint. It is such a cheap, easy way to freshen up your old flower pots!  I am wondering if a little watered down gray craft paint might make these look a bit more galvanized. What do you think?

What do you have tucked in your garage that could be made new again?


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  1. I love them! So pretty, and under the tree is perfect for the impatience as they don't like too much sun (I believe). Another good job!


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