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Cloth Napkins

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I just spent 20 good minutes trying to figure out how to start this post on cloth napkins. I started trying something light-hearted but it went no where. I tried something serious and that felt wrong. I mean this is post is about cloth  napkins, not rocket surgery.  I even tried the poignant angle with some story about growing up but alas, it all felt contrived. This post is about cloth napkins. Not the nostalgic feeling they give me, not the reducing our carbon footprints, or anything remotely important. Cloth.napkins.

I made some. I will post a tutorial another day because 1. I am lazy today. 2. I was lazy yesterday. 3. I will probably be lazy tomorrow.  Aren't they pretty?  The colors of the fabric got me. It felt so springy!

It was my first attempt at mitered corners and they came out great! A bit of a pain but the way to do napkins so they look neat and pretty,  especially if you are giving them as a gift and I was.

Tutorial to come! Stay tuned!



  1. They are lovely! Very pretty fabric. Good job!

  2. Hi Jenny. Your napkins turned out beautifully. Someone is very lucky to receive them. I love using cloth napkins but have never made any. I have made pillow covers out of cloth napkins from Home Goods, however. Thank you for always leaving such nice and kind comments on your visits to me. I always appreciate it..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  3. Love the pattern! I want to make some!

  4. Pretty Napkins. The colour is soothing and goes well for summer setting. Hugs Sujatha:)


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