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Top 10 Projects of 2011

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2011 has been such a year of ups and downs for us!  We sold a house, bought a house, moved to another part of the state, I went back to teaching in a part-time mode, Jim started working from home, and so much more. But a steady in my life has been starting this blog and sharing it with so many wonderful people!  Here are my 10 most popular blog posts and thank you to all of you who read my little slice of life!

Ooops, wrong picture

Whew, it's been such a year!  We are so happy to be where we are and I'm so grateful I started this blog. It's been such a blessing in my life at a time when I really needed it!



Latest and Greatest Friday #12, Features!

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Thanks to everyone who linked up last week. I know it was a bit crazy with the holidays and I was so happy to see such creative projects linked up!  Here are some favorites:

These snowman are adorable!  You'll never guess what she uses to form them!

Pitter & Glink
Snowmen Nativity
I love love love the fabric!

Living In The Woods
Cane Chair
Honestly, there isn't anything on Mrs. Fox's site that doesn't look perfect and amazing!

Mrs. Fox's Sweets
Christmas Tree Cookies

Let's party!!

Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

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A while ago I bought a set of chocolate brown sheets. I got them at a discount store and they ended up not being very good quality. Jim was all "These sheets feel cheap" and I was all "cuz they are cheap." So I washed them and put them away as a set of extras. Then I won a fantastic set of sheets in a giveaway and decided it was time to get rid of the cheap ones. So I made some scarves out of the material and now I'm happy!

Here is how I did it:

I cut my sheet into long strips. I cut it across the bottom so one side was already hemmed and it cut down on my work. Obviously for the subsequent scarves I had to hem all sides.

Hem the raw sides
Then I used my machine to sew a line of stitching down the middle but I set it so it ruffled. My machine doesn't do a great job at ruffling so I did use the old pull-the-bobbin-thread method to add a bit more ruffle. My machine ruffles a bit if I make the tension as high as it will go but set my stitches on the longest setting.

Then I ran a line of stitching on either side about an inch from the edges. Again I set my machine so it was ruffling the fabric as it went.

All done!  Revel in your fabulousness!

I made one for my sister too. Plus I have tons of sheet material left over so I have to think of something else to do with it.


New Year's Eve Ideas!

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Hello everyone!  I guest blogged at Type A Decorating about New Year's Eve and this is my blog post!  Go check out Tammy's site to read other guest bloggers.
The wrapping paper is in the garbage, the yule log has turned to ashes, Daddy's twice a year church obligation has been met...Christmas is over. I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday!  Let's look forward to an even better 2012 Here are some ideas to get your party on!

Look at these beautiful party and table decorations!  Of course a glittery theme is best for ushering in the new year!

Martha shows a great way to use up the leftover gift wrap!  These look like sparkly icicles to me.


This table setting is chic and shiny at the same time. I had mint julep cups at my wedding so I always like seeing them on a table setting.

I love the idea of using clocks as decor for New Year's Eve.
Gorgeous decorations for cupcakes!  So festive!
More metallics!  I bet we can scam some glittery stars left over from Dollar Tree like the one I bought for Christmas decorating.
Design Indulgences

Don't forget the champagne! You can have it in a glass....

or in your cupcake.
Aqua, black, and silver?  Yes, please!

I hope you glean a little inspiration from these ideas and have yourself a sparkly, shiny, and Happy New Year! And thanks, Tammy, for letting me visit today!


Visiting Family This Week and Reflections From 2011

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I'm visiting my family for the holiday week and won't be blogging as much as I would like. But I am so excited to share my guest blog at The Artsy Girl Connection.   Marilyn asked me to be part of her guest blogging reflections series in which we were able to share our 2011 highlights both bloggy and personal. Check out my thoughts!

Hope to be back and blogging soon!


Merry Christmas Eve!

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I hope you all have a very blessed holiday!

Here is a little bit of our Christmas Eve so far!

Cookie Baking

A visit to Peddler's Village to see the Gingerbread House Contest Display

Peddler's Village is a quaint outdoor shopping area. It has cute shops,
cafes, bakeries, pubs, and specialty stores. Every year
they host a gingerbread house contest.

What's better than a gingerbread house? A gingerbread tree house!

One of the blue ribbon winners!  It was
perfect and reminded me of my
sweet nephews who went to Disney World last week!

Amazing details. The tree is inside the house and you
can look inside and see furnishings.

I'd move in if I could!

This was in the children's catagory. So cute!

Tonight we are going to watch some Christmas specials and get ready for Santa's visit. I have a feeling Mrs. Claus may have some wrapping to do and I do believe Santa may be putting some toys together. Just a hunch.