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Quaint and Quirky's Great Idea & PB Knock Off

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I just found this on Tatertots and Jello's Weekend Wrap Up and I had to post about it because I think it's so sweet and adorable. Quaint and Quirky made these cute wrappings using ruffled crepe paper! I ruffled crepe paper to make Molly's fairy party favors but I never thought to use it like this!

I am doing this for sure!  People are so so clever. That's what I love about all this blogging business. You really get to sneak peek into other people's imaginations!

So I am in the process of knocking off Pottery Barn's embroidered gold tree pillow. OK, remember you're my friend. Don't laugh at me. Laugh near me. I painted a tree on some leftover cotton duck and this is what I wound up with.

Pottery Barn's loveliness


Actually when it stuffed and on the couch with other pillows
I think it will be fine. Clearly NOT embroidered and shmancy like PB's
but then again, I didn't pay $59.
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