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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!--Shabby Apple, Decorating, Christmas Idea

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So as promised I am announcing the winner of the gorgeous black Boogie Woogie dress from Shabby Apple!

The winner is lucky #42!

Congratulations to tmc480 who said...

I'm going to email you! I hope you enjoy your new dress!  Thank you to everyone who entered!  I was so excited to be able to offer the giveaway!

So Jim and I move very very very slowly. We moved in the week before Halloween and all my pictures are still in boxes. Most of my pretty china, my living room accessories, and I have yet to hang curtains in almost all the rooms. ACK!  So I started doing a few things here and there and now I'm anxious to get going on the rest of the house.

I scored this lamp at Home Goods for $25. I love it. Jim thinks it's weird. But I have such traditional tastes that I felt like my living room was more like my grandma's so I wanted a little more contemporary style. The shade is a beautiful peacock in real life!  It was a little short so I stuck some books under it and now it's the perfect height.

And I want to do 6 ft bead board in the breakfast nook of our kitchen sometime this fall. But until then I hung some plates. The black ones I bought in an antique store years ago and the other two toile ones were from Home Goods.  I didn't think I'd like all the black against the dark brown but I really do!

And Jim is still getting into the decorating scene too. Remember his window coverings?  Well, look at this picture and guess what element he added. 

Love this PB knock off ornament.  You know how I love me some PBKO.

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  1. Wow, love, love, love the lamp. And also that art deco thing next to the plates on the wall! LOL. You are aces!!!


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