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Merry Christmas Eve!

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I hope you all have a very blessed holiday!

Here is a little bit of our Christmas Eve so far!

Cookie Baking

A visit to Peddler's Village to see the Gingerbread House Contest Display

Peddler's Village is a quaint outdoor shopping area. It has cute shops,
cafes, bakeries, pubs, and specialty stores. Every year
they host a gingerbread house contest.

What's better than a gingerbread house? A gingerbread tree house!

One of the blue ribbon winners!  It was
perfect and reminded me of my
sweet nephews who went to Disney World last week!

Amazing details. The tree is inside the house and you
can look inside and see furnishings.

I'd move in if I could!

This was in the children's catagory. So cute!

Tonight we are going to watch some Christmas specials and get ready for Santa's visit. I have a feeling Mrs. Claus may have some wrapping to do and I do believe Santa may be putting some toys together. Just a hunch.



  1. Jenny, Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.

    Your Follower and Party Poster,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. Merry Christmas! Love the family pics, your kiddos are adorable!

  3. Love the pics. The gingerbread houses are awesome, where do the bakers get their patience??? I love the pic of your daughter and Daddy, no wait, is it Uncle Rich, no wait, it's Uncle John, no, it's PopPop. Right, it must be Daddy Jim!! LOL! Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

  5. I hope you all had a great Christmas!


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