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Natural Christmas Decorations

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We are going au naturale this year. I don't know why but this year I'm feeling mostly fresh greens, wreaths, etc. Part of the reason is because I can do it on the cheap from my own backyard. But there is something nostalgic to me in decorating with natural objects. Like I came out of Little Women and me and the other girls made pomander balls so the house would smell good when Papa comes home.

It looks complicated but the directions make it sound simple, especially if you have access to most of the greens in your backyard. I like the little apples as a sweet touch.

So simple to make and would lend a seasonal scent to small rooms like a powder room.

I love the natural garlands free of bows, ribbons, glitzy stuff, etc. But it still manages to feel festive.

Red and white is classic and it's not always easy to manage using natural items. This succeeds beautifully!

I feel like this demonstrates my favorite kind of holiday decorating. Not changing out your accessories but embellishing them with seasonal flourishes.

Again, red and white but the addition of the wood elements make it both chic and rustic at the same time! 

I dig the music sheet candles with the natural elements.

I found this picture in a Thanksgiving section but oranges were historically a Christmas luxury and I think this could work on a Christmas tablescape or mantel as well.

What is not to love here?  The long white ribbons?  The draping garland?  The wall paneling?  The paper whites in terra cotta pots?  If you don't like this you may think puppies are ugly and babies are fat.

Better Homes and Gardens

I'm finishing up some decorating this week and I'll have some of my own natural decor to show you! 

This just in!  Evie at Brown Paper Packages posted a great tutorial to make these adorable ornaments!


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