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Installing Simple Shelves and Organization Favorites

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Jim and I are in the throes of reorganizing our home. When we moved in we just put everything in the basement thinking we'd unpack and put everything in a place. Wrong. We have no place. Oh yes, we have a big unfinished basement but we have no pantry, no shelves, no cubbies or little nooks. Nothing. So we are starting to get our stuff together and get some things made to make organizing easier.

Our family room has built in shelves on either side. We took off the shelves when we painted the paneling and one of them broke so we never put them back. So for over a year we have just stacked games, art supplies, and toys on top of each other in a heap inside the opening that should hold shelves.

I had enough. I went out a few weekends ago and bought new hardware. Jim and I reinstalled them this weekend and WHEW. I'm so glad. It was easy too but I was glad he was there since he's a lefty and can use the drill on the right wall easier than I could.

We were drilling into paneling so we used 1 inch wood screws to secure the pilasters.

We didn't go crazy with measurements. We guesstimated and then checked for level and plumb.

Install pilaster clips and add the shelf.

Ahhh, so much better. I really can't even tell you what a wreck it was. Should've taken befores.

We are going to be working on our basement and in a few weeks I will show you our linen closet (no before there either...bad blogger).  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite organizing tips from around the Internet. Some are oldies but goodies and others may be new but they all seem great to me!

She is using this for chalk in her homeschool classroom. I would like to hang one in the laundry area for stuff found in pockets. Cute and out of the way. It's just a curtain rod bracket and some wire.

I just think this is brilliant. I don't have a place for it in my kitchen but if I did I would make it. Or I'd ask Jim to make it.

I see these at Homegoods all the time. I will make something like this someday. I will. I swear. I think it's so smart and it's nice not to have tacks around when Ellie is still so small.

I am so doing this when I go back into the classroom for my art and writing centers. So smart and cheap!

I think about doing this all the time. I think it's so smart!  And I also like it because the girls can change the art themselves.

Perfect.  We teachers use these in the classroom to store stuff and now I have another place to use the shoe holder!  Awesome.

These don't look terribly hard to make but they look like they hold a lot of toys or garage stuff. 

I wish I had seen this before I set up a little dress up area in Molly's room. Maybe I can make one for Ellie. I love the knobs for necklaces!

I need to do this so badly!  All I need is a couple of dowels. 

Source unknown. I couldn't trace it back to any site which is too bad because this is a great idea!!  I'd love to give credit!



  1. Yea for more shelving! I don't think I could ever have too many shelves!

  2. Wow, awesome projects, every one! Keep up the good work!

  3. Using a dish drainer for classroom organization is brilliant! I teach 7th grade and even for that age could incorporate this.

  4. It always feels so good to get organized. Love those extra ideas Esp. the jar. Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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