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The flu has come to visit

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Ellie has the flu (or something with flu like symptoms). She is miserable and we have had a tough week. I haven't been on the computer much because she really needs tons of cuddles!  Here are some pictures of how we spent our days. Granted this was in between crying jags and naps (her, not me. Really. )

During her nap I sewed the girls some dish towels for their kitchen. So cute, right?

And some for our neighbors who received a new pretend kitchen for Christmas.

I'll post some tutorials this weekend. Stay healthy!!



  1. Oh no! Poor sweet Ellie! Feel better, Ellie!

  2. Poor thing :( On a happier note, cute dish towels and I love the banner above the couch!

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. What a cutie! I hope she feels better soon! :)


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