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DIY Sea Glass Napkin Rings

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A few months ago, you'll remember that I had the opportunity to visit the new World Market store in NJ. One of the goodies I came home with was a bag full of sea glass. The colors were so lovely and soothing that I couldn't resist adding them to my summer decor!  But alas, they called to me in a different way and I used them to make some sparkly DIY napkin rings for my summer tablescape!

These DIY sea glass napkin rings were so easy and fun to make!

To make your own, you'll need:
hot glue gun
sea glass or similar colored stones
copper wire (a thick enough gauge to make a sturdy ring)
napkin ring

1. Wrap the wire around your napkin ring 8 (or more) times.  I found 8 to give me the size I wanted.  Cut the wire, slip it off the napkin ring, and twist the ends together.

2.  Apply a bit of hot glue to the twisted ends and start gluing on your sea glass. I found 4-5 pieces was the perfect amount depending on the size of the glass pieces.

3. That's it!  Gluing the rocks to the twisted ends cover any sharp edges of the wire.

I cut squares of linen, frayed the edges, and slipped my new no-sew napkins into my new DIY beach glass rings!

The watery blues and greens send me back to the beach!

They remind me of gems...beach gems!

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