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Ellie's Butterfly Birthday Party

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Last week my sweet Ellie turned 3. She asked for a butterfly birthday party to celebrate so that's what we did!  I will admit that I wasn't up to a big crazy decorated party. I didn't want to spend days making garlands and poufs, icing 47 different types of cakes and desserts, and I was adamant that I wasn't going to be spray painting anything to make the perfect dessert tablescape.

Anyway, here are few pics of our little lady and her butterfly party!
She is spunky, surprising, beautiful, and growing so quickly that I can hardly believe it. 
butterfly birthday

goodie bags
I sewed goodie bags from scrap fabric.

butterfly birthday
I sandwiched a toothpick between two stickers to make the cupcake toppers.

butterfly birthday
A butterfly party hat for the birthday girl!  It was from a fairy party of Molly's!

party favors
The older kids got candy bars instead of goodie bags as a favor.

butterfly birthday
Tissue paper butterflies

butterfly birthday
The poufs wouldn't stay up. : (

The birthday girl knocked the cupcakes over in her effort to climb onto the dessert table.

Oh look at them all searching for fairies in the fairy house I put by the tree!  Oh wait. They are digging for worms.

She licked the icing off and then declared herself done. She is MY kid?

I wish I was the kind of blogger who could post gorgeous pictures of the elaborate party that I put on. I wish my pictures had the tissue paper poufs I kept desperately trying to keep stuck to the wall. I yearn to be the kind of blogger who's table skirt is not lopsided. Sigh. I also wish I was a size 2 and rich. None of that is happening so here it is...truth and all!

Ellie had a great time though and we all did too!



  1. It was an awesome party! Tons of wonderful food, great company and an adorable 3 yr old! Plus many more little girls and boys who had a blast!

  2. Beautiful! What a great party!


  3. I love the party decorations! You did a great job and it looks like they had a fun time!

  4. What a fun party ... so many cute ideas! My kids are liked the butterfly birthday party! Thanks for linking up.

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