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Sugar Bowl Bird Feeder (Plus More DIY Feeders!)

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My kitchen window above my sink looks out to a good part of our backyard. I've been yearning for a bird feeder but haven't found one I really like. So I whipped up my own in about 2 seconds. My DIY bird feeder cost me $1 which is what I paid for the little bowl.

Last summer I bought this little silver plated sugar bowl at a garage sale. It was too dirty and old to use but I liked the sweet little handles. It reminded me of a loving cup trophy.  


I ripped two pieces of plain muslin I had laying around, tied each piece to a handle, tied a big bow on top and set it out on a shepherd's hook. Wa-la!  Instant bird feeder.

Here's to hoping the birds like it!  

Here are some more DIY bird feeders!

Can Bird Feeders

Orange Bird Feeder

Source Unknown (If you know, please tell me!)
Old Lantern Bird Feeder

Tea Light Bird Feeder

Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

Bucket Bird House

Cool, right?  The lesson here is that birds will eat out of anything.



  1. love the little sugar bowl! these are all such fun ideas!

  2. you are so clever... what cute little birdfeeders !


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