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Butterfly Birthday

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Ellie turns 3 this weekend and she decided she wanted a butterfly birthday party to celebrate!  We invited our families and good friends to enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather with us at a birthday barbecue. 
I decided not to go all out for this. No personalized banners hand crafted from paper I made myself, no cakes with ruffled fondant, no dessert table laden with candies in apothecary jars that color coordinate with the theme. Nope, not gonna do it. Except I waited too long and when I went to the party store to buy good old fashioned made-by-a-factory-partyware I discovered that butterflies are so yesterday. So yeah, not a butterfly thang to be found.
Soooo, here I am, 3 days before the party and guess what I'm doing?  Making decorations. Sigh.  Oh yes, I am resurrecting the tissue paper poof and put my own spin on it by poufing some butterflies.
butterfly birthday
butterfly birthday
Who needs fancy cupcake toppers?  Not this girl. Hi, 2 stickers sandwiched together with toothpicks stuck in between! How nice of you to show up!
Ok so I know y'all are thinking. And yes I could have just bought orange and pink paper sacks for goodie bags. But you'd all be WRONG. Not one orange or pink paper bags were left. So while butterflies are out, apparently pink and orange are in. Besides, aren't these just so stinkin' cute?
I'll post more pictures after the party! 

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  1. This is hilarious! So, next year you will check out the ready made supplies before you agree to a theme? lol


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