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DIY Menu Chalkboard

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A few weeks ago, Ellie, Pixie and I were taking a walk around the block. It was garbage day and the garbage truck had already come by our neighborhood. However, I happened upon a piece of old wood that I guess they didn't take or missed. So I scooped it up knowing exactly what I would do with it! 

The board was dirty but the perfect size.

I didn't do all that much to it. I sanded it lightly mostly to get the dirt off. Then I painted it with 3 coats of black spray paint. I didn't even use chalkboard paint.

To do the lettering I wrote "menu" in a font I liked and found a frame that was the fanciness I was going for. Both the frame and the font were from clip art provided by Microsoft Office Word 2007, by the way.  I enlarged the image with my text to the size I wanted.

To transfer the image to the board, I rubbed the back of the printed image with a piece of chalk. Then I used painter tape to adhere it to the board and traced over the image with a pencil. The chalk leaves a decent transfer. Then I used a gold Sharpie to trace over the chalk. A simple wet cloth washed the chalk away and my menu board is done!  I'm so happy with it and I can't wait to use it at Ellie's birthday party in a few weeks!

We have been having amazing weather here in New Jersey and the girls have been outside so much. I love it!



  1. What a vision you had for a simple board! It turned out great.

  2. I agree...never would have seen this future in that board. You are brilliant!

  3. You are so talented! It's a great idea and turned out beautifully! The little girls ain't bad, either!! I love those little chubby toes!! xoxoxo

  4. LOVE this chalkboard menu board! Great inspiration for what I want!

    {P.S. your little girl on the swing is simply adorable! I really miss my grandchildren...get to see them all next month!}


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