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Teacher Appreciation/End of the Year Gift

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Who doesn't love cake?  No one. And teachers love to eat. Have you ever seen the inside of the faculty room?  Full of cake.  When I was growing up we would try to catch a glimpse inside as we walked by to learn  all their secrets. Know what?  All we ever saw were the teachers smoking and reading the paper. I can't even fathom going in here to smoke nowadays. Of course, now that we aren't smoking there is a lot more cake in the faculty room. 

Look at how sweet these little chocolate bundt cakes are!  Wouldn't you love to get one of these in your class as a little surprise?  Usually we get surprised by things like a 7 year old throwing up on your shoes when you are 8.5 months pregnant (true), or a 5 year old mooning the class (true), or the principal coming in to tell you they are going to take duties away from you instead of adding to them (so not true). So yeah, cake is good.
I wrapped a box in some pretty wrapping paper to deliver them to the front office, too. 
I can't take credit for thinking up "Thanks a bundtch for all you do!" I saw it somewhere on the interwebs a while ago and can't locate it again. Sorry if you are the smarty that thought it up. If you are, email me and I'll gladly give you credit.
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  1. Love the idea, "bundt'ch", too cute!!

    I may use this next year!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!


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