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Throwback Thursday: First Post Ever--Flower Pin

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I don't usually get into the whole Throwback Thursday thing but I thought it would be fun to participate today!  I know my 3 year blogiversary is coming up and couldn't even remember what my first post was about!  So I thought it would be fun to re-blog it today!  ACK!  I've come a long way, I think!  LOL!

So here it is...

I generally battle a few addictions: chocolate, sleeping, buying plates at gets pretty bad sometimes. Lately, however I have started making flowers and I. can't. stop. I have to admit that almost all are inspired by the tutorials found at . Her blog is beyond gorgeous and her tutorials are easy and full of pictures (YAY!).

So this is one I made for my four year old, Molly. It was so easy!
I basted a long stitch along one side of a cream colored double faced satin ribbon and pulled it into a ruffle. Then I hot glued it in a spiral on a felt backing and glued a pin to the back. I stitched a few sparkly beads in the center (because my girls love a good sparkle) and that was it! It took me less than 30 minutes and Molly was thrilled. She wore it on a pink sundress and looked like a doll. Now it's on her Build-A-Bear. awesome.

I'll post some more of my flower addiction creations soon! I need my web master, um, husband to help me figure some of this out this weekend. He's the tech half of our union. I'm the ideas. And the mess.


  1. It's much more interesting than my first post, I'll tell you that!

  2. Your very first post beats mine...meatloaf LOL! Congrats on almost 3 years!

  3. I love looking back! And I'm with everyone else. It's better that my first post ever!

  4. I love doing Throwback Thursday - it always brings memories of how far I have come or what I accomplished. I love your flower - so cute. Cathy


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