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Lots of Easy Crafts! BFF Star: Pitter and Glink!

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I haven't featured a Blog Feature Friday Star in a long while so I decided this is the perfect time to do it! This week's star is a super-crafter and everything she makes looks pretty and perfect. Plus, she is SO nice and SO supportive. In fact, this blog is one I started reading from the start! 
This week's star is Pitter and Glink!  Bethany showcases all sorts of craft projects on Pitter and Glink and I hope you'll go over and spend some time looking around!  

Here are some of my favorite projects of Bethany's at Pitter and Glink 
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Faux Agate Earrings:  These are actually made of polymer clay!  Gorgeous!

Book Page Wreath: I love this new take on a classic!

Thrift Store Curio Redo: Don't you love the color combo on the back of the shelves?  One of my faves, as you all know!

Thrift Store Lamp Redo:  I love everything about this redo, especially the happy blue color!

Fabric Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkins: Dollar store transformations that make the final product look expensive are some of my favorites!

 Bethany's project gallery is so inspiring!  Check out her Christmas crafts!



  1. Jenny, thank you so much for the feature! You are so very talented and creative yourself, which makes your kind words mean so much to me! Hugs, friend!!!

  2. I love the pumpkin. Do you think it is hard to make? I am not a crafter.


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