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Whitewashed Fireplace

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Hi friends!  So glad to see you again!  This post will be brief because I have only a few minutes to write but I couldn't wait to show you all how I upgraded our fireplace with a whitewash!  It was an easy and quick DIY to give the fireplace a fresh look and all it took was a little latex paint and water!  I'll post more in depth details this week.  But for now, here are some pictures!  

I love love love it!

I didn't go too white because Jim was not all that enthusiastic about it. I worked on him for months showing him before and afters and finally he relented. But I went light so that if he hated it he wouldn't hate it that much. But I have a feeling he is going to love it!
 Here are some more befores:

I painted the brassy surround a while back. You can read about that here.

 Now here are the afters!

I haven't really styled the mantel but I wanted to show you all anyway! And don't forget you can follow me on Instagram now!


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  1. Hi Jenny - wow I haven't been by in ages - I LOVE your white washed fireplace - turned out gorgeous -
    Great job!!!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Your fire place looks great! I love the white wash on it, and the fact that you can still see some of the colors.


  3. Love this! I did the same thing to our brick and couldn't be happier with it! Great job! Thanks for stopping by chapter37!

  4. This turned out great!! It looks a lot better with the white wash. :)
    Just came across your blog, I'm your newest follower.

    read your "about me" and saw that one of your daughters is named Molly, that's my name too! thought that was neat, don't hear that name often. :)


  5. Jenny, your fireplace turned out great! Looks like new ;-)



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