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Adding a Ruffle to Slipcovers

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I tzujed up some store bought slip covers with some ruffles. Did you know that is how you spell "jujj?" I looked it up. It's true. Anyway, I have these slips I bought years ago when I married Jim and his kitchen set. The chairs are sturdy and well made but not my style at all. So I bought plain white cotton slips to go over them and so we lived with them for a few years before they ended up in the garage when we bought new chairs.

Fast forward to now and we are using our newer chairs in the dining room and Jim's are back in the kitchen with the slipcovers. But they annoy me because they don't reach the floors and the chairs are wearing floods. So I ruffled them this week and now their pants, or I guess skirts in this instance, reach the floor!

Here's how I sewed on a simple ruffle:

I measured around the bottom of the slip and added an extra yard for the gathers. I should have added a hard and a half to 2 yards because I would have preferred fuller gathers. I bought very basic white cotton fabric at Walmart that cost me a total of $8.91.  I hemmed one of the long sides.

I made a simple ruffle using my sewing machine (set on the longest stitch, highest tension).  I pinned it to the slip to size it around but then I took the pins out and sewed it into  a loop by putting right sides together and sewing the short ends together.

Pinned to size

Right sides together and sew the short ends

Repin and sew the ruffle to the bottom of the slip, making sure the right sides are together. The ruffle will be upside down but when you turn it onto the chair it will hang properly.

So I went from this

Cute and easy!  I was thinking about adding a ribbon around the bottom. We'll see.  And I know I'm ruffling everything nowadays but it's so easy to tszuj stuff up with ruffles. I'm so excite I know how to spell that word.

Love to see what you are tszujing up this week!  Keep tszujing! 



  1. super fabulous!!...just the perfect addition...Mariaelena

  2. Your slipcovers are so pretty, and a great idea. I like the "simpleness" of the covers, not so stuffy and perfect, more relaxing. I am always attractive to this. I"ve been going nuts over ruffles lately. So pretty. My fingers are crossed that you might share this at Sunday's Best going on now. Sharing is a good thing.

  3. Great job. I love it! Please consider sharing this with my readers over at
    Hugs, Kathy

  4. love them, i need some for my new house, for the kids. lol i love slip covers, the ruffle is adorable!

  5. The transformation is absolutely incredible!! The ruffle makes all the difference! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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