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Felt Pads Tutorial

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My parents rocked Christmas this year with the best gift we received. A sweet pastel table and chair set for the girls. They live in a far away land so it was shipped to us and Jim put it together the night before Christmas so it was ready when they came downstairs.

Some of their friends were up
into the wee hours playing Bridge.

They use it every single day, especially Ellie. So instead of putting it in the playroom I've let it stay in the main living room.  Yesterday though something caught my eye. Something on my hardwood floors. My dark walnut hardwood floors. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT????


So I ran to Lowes to get those fuzzy felt pads to put on the bottoms but when I came home I realized the ones I bought wouldn't fit the chair feet (can't put a rectangle peg in a square hole) so I ran off for my supplies to DIY my own. Easy Peasy.

Grab your felt, scissors, Super Glue, and a Kit Kat

I eyeballed a strip of felt to the width of our chair feet. Then I measured against the chair foot and cut 4 rectangles.  I used the Super Glue to glue on the felt.

Then I used the scissors to trim off the excess so it would look neat.

Repeat with each foot until your chairs are all covered. Leave them in this position to dry for basically all day to ensure the glue is dry. No one wants scratched and gluey floors. Really, no one does.

My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek for this photo. All the chairs
lined up reminded me of those gorgeous photos of cupcakes
or brownies or candles or whatever all lined up in a neat line on a coordinating background.
So my pack-n-play and my "to be Ebayed" stack is my coordinating background. 
Keepin' it reals, y'all.

Happy girls!  Happy Mama!  Happy Floor!  Now you eat the Kit-Kat.  But do it in the kitchen so the 18 month old doesn't see you and beg for some. No share.

Doesn't everyone keep their bike helmet on the table?  And when will
Ellie ever learn to close her mouth for pictures?  I think she's
trying to be the next Kristen Stewart.  Oh and yes, I cut her hair myself.
I wither with shame.

Checking their notes. "Um, let's see. Eat goldfish crackers?  Check.
Refuse to wear socks in the middle of winter?  Yup, got it. 
Poop through 3 onesies?  Almost done!  YES!"

Molly did two fun things yesterday. She finger painted and she baked a donut in her Easy Bake Oven. You can see the evidence of those activities all over her.

Ellie put this whole ensemble together herself. She fancies herself
a younger, hipper Tim Gunn.

Can't wait to see your link ups at  Latest and Greatest Friday #14 this week!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness! That picture of Ellie in her boots and sunglasses is so adorable!! Thanks for the tip on making these awesome furniture pads. I want to make some for our kitchen table! :)

  2. Love the chair set - we have a folding chair set in our playroom that sees nearly constant use. Lucky for me, I have a strange indoor brick floor for it to sit on (you've probably seen it in some of my pictures!) so no worries on scratches, but good thinking on felt pieces! And I LOVE your chaos in the background - it does keep it real!


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