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I worked hard today. I finished the curtains for the playroom (reveal later this week!) and let the girls play in the mud most of the afternoon so there was a big clean up that happened. Plus I am having my moms club for a playgroup here this week week and our house is a disaster. Soooo, of course I'm sitting on the computer browsing Pinterest.  Looky looky!

I love the open shelves, the window seat, the shade...everything but the color. I'm just not a green girl. But otherwise it's perfection.

Couldn't find the source. If you know it
please tell me so I can give credit.

Gray is the new brown which was the new navy which was the new black.   And it's not just clothes. Gray is all over home magazines, blogs, etc.  And gray in the nursery is lovely!

Baca Creative

I have no words. It's perfection.  I will never stop loving high contrast either. It always gets me!

Charlie Simmons

I love this room. I love the color, the drapes, the little punches of black, everything. What I don't get is where is all the stuff under the bed?  No lone Cinderella slipper?  No black sock?  No box of clothes that the woman of the house thinks she'll wear again when she "loses the weight?"

Country Living

See you tomorrow!



  1. Sending you the Happiest New Year Wishes Ever. Just found your beautiful blog and have enjoyed looking around everything is so lovely. I'm now following so we can keep in touch, if you ever find a spare minute I hope you visit me sometime follow back if you like. I look forward to many more wonderful visits with you in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  2. I have that mudroom pinned, and I pine for it! :) Great finds!

  3. I love that mud room too! I have been loving high contrast designs lately, so beautiful.


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