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Easy Ballet Cake

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We broke 100 link ups this week!!  I'm so excited!  Thanks to everyone who linked up and is making Latest and Greatest Fridays into such an awesome party each week! 

I keep meaning to post about this and finally remembered. When Molly turned 3 we had a ballet birthday party and I made the cake myself. I wanted to do something that would be easy but look pretty without buying a lot of decorations. So I frosted the cake and then frosted two Twinkies to look like ballet shoes and propped them on top. How cute!  Of course I'm not a cake decorator but that's ok because I don't mind if it looks homemade since it is. 

Ballet shoe coookies are an easter egg cookie cutter that I
sugared and frosted. I'm not quite sure why I put them in the tray
toes up. Why would I do that?  Weird.

Super simple centerpieces!
I used the colored M & Ms for the bottom
and then just clusters of lollipops from the party store

Anyway, I think the whole Twinkie-as-a-shoe thing is great and you could make all sorts of things. You could put some mini donuts on and make roller skates or roller blades. You could make skis by adding some licorice to the bottom and some donuts on top to make a boot and then frost. You could make a pair of running sneakers for your friend who just ran a marathon. The shape lends itself to all sorts of stuff!

In other news...

The stomach flu has come for a visit to our house!  It's a really cruddy houseguest. It makes a huge mess but never helps to clean up. It occupies our bathrooms without thought to other people's needs, and tends to make meals miserable. I'm really tired of it and wouldn't mind if it would pack it's bags and move on. 

When it first came to visit Ellie, I thought that it would leave before visiting the rest of us. But no luck...we were roommates Friday and Saturday (bed partners if you must know) and then it bunked in with Molly yesterday and today. And if that isn't bad enough...it's kicked me out of my spot next to Jim on the couch and is spending tonight and probably all of tomorrow with him. You'd think with all the Lysol sprayed around the house it would take a hint! Dumb flu.

Anyone have any other great and easy cake decorating ideas??



  1. i'm sorry but that is just too dang cute!! Twinkie Ballet shoes, very clever :)

  2. Beautiful! My daughter does highland dancing ... you've given me food for thought (pardon the pun)!

  3. Beautiful cake, my grown son still remembers the Pokemon cake I made for his friends moving party. You kids will have special memories too.

  4. Oh my gosh how adorable is all of this! Just too darned cute!

  5. This looks awesome! I would love for you to visit my new food blog, The Sweet Spot, and link up your recipes to my Mouthwatering Monday Link Party!

  6. This cake is too cute!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  7. oh I hope you all feel better soon. That cake is adorable as are the cookies. I so would have put them toes up too, so don't feel bad:)

  8. That is so cute, love the Twinkies as shoes idea! I love the homemade look too! I found you via the Gingersnap Crafts Link Party.

  9. This cake is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so impressed! What a great mom you are. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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