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Powder Room Grudge Match

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It's on, Powder Room. It's on like Donkey Kong. You are going DOWN. Oh sure, you thought your friend, Kitchen, would get the best of us. I remember well. Kitchen thought it would beat us with it's blue and gold wall paper.

But we brought Kitchen down and now I have a smooth wall on which to paint a rich brown and hang plates (and old phones) on. Mwah ha ha!!!  It's your turn, Powder Room.  Be afraid.

So you threw your first punch and I'll admit I had the air knocked out of me. More blue and gold wall paper, a wicker mirror hiding a hole that once housed a medicine cabinet, the weird faux painted light fixture. It was a lot to take. But I came back with  a 1-2-RIP and your downward spiral began.

Sneaky...but I figured out your two different plant hook maneuver.
Ok, so 38 year old wallpaper paste was a good plan.

But you haven't bested me. Oh no, you have not bested me yet.  Meet Steamer. Your arch nemesis. Your Kryptonite if you will.

Steamer didn't come alone though. He brought his friends Scraper and Hot Soapy Water and Sponge. Together we are like the Justice League and cannot be beat!

Oh I know it will be a duel to the end but I guarantee Powder Room, that I will be the one left standing. You have been warned.


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  1. I'm hearing the Rocky theme song in my head reading this post. You can do it! Powder Room stands no chance.

  2. Your SO funny! Love the color of the kitchen and can't wait to see the reveal of the bathroom. I just helped my mom take down wallpaper in her bathroom and it SUCKED! Thank God for steamers!


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