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Shower Curtain

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What did you do today?  I finished my dumb shower curtain that was making me nuts!

We knew we were buying a fixer upper. We didn't realize at the time that it was way more fixer than upper but what can ya do?  We could see problems we needed to tackle like this upstairs bathroom.

When we looked at the house we thought "Gee, we'll paint over that spongy painting stuff and switch out the vanity and toilet for white and we can live with the yellow for a bit!" 

When we got into the house, however, Jim realized that the blue wasn't really sponge painting on drywall. The previous owners had taken down wallpaper but never removed the glue and PAINTED OVER IT. So not only could we just not slap on a coat of paint but it was flaking off and rough to the touch. Wallpaper paste removers/steam/etc. didn't work. So Jim scraped and then we primed it to get it ready for skim coating.  And that is where we are left today.

If you want that light fixture email me quickly!  I expect to get lots of offers on it. HA HA HA HA!  Anyway, so I knew no matter what I was living with the yellow for a while and decided to pick up the pale gray in the floor tile to use as a coordinating color.

I cut apart Jim's bachelor days duvet cover which happens to be pale gray and added some gray/black/yellow pattern fabric ruffles to the bottom to bring some yellow in.  I used my button hole foot and settings on the sewing machine to create a way to hang it. Grommets were expensive and this worked really well!

It's the best we can do with the bathroom right now. I'm going to paint the walls white and use a white window treatment. We plan on changing out the vanity to white as well and adding in brushed nickel or chrome light fixtures.  Putting a band aid on it for now!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. You did the best you could, I'd say- nice job, Jenny.

    Too bad that the idea of "slapping up a quick coat of paint" didn't work. Drat! But progress is progress.

    When you say you are gonna change the vanity out for white, do you mean replace it or paint it?

    Smiles, Suzanne
    Follower and Party Goer

    1. Replace. I'm not sure painting could save it.

  2. The shower curtain turned out beautifully! I love it! You have good ideas and lots of talent!!!

  3. The shower curtain is really cute! I spent part of the day looking at ruffled curtains for ideas on how I want to make them for my cousins nursery and just finished painting last night. You can see it here:

    and finally got to post the pillows!

    Thanks!! Love them :-)

  4. Really cute Jenny.. It turned out SO beautiful..

  5. I think you've done a great job decorating your bathroom. I like the colored tile floor. The ruffles on the shower curtain really look nice. I think the room is pretty and will be even prettier when you get all the finishing touches completed. No thanks, I already have a similar light that is headed out the door as soon as I can replace it. If you would like to show your good ideas for this room, you are welcome to join my Your Cozy Home Party to let others see what can be done to make a not so perfect room really cute and liveable. The party is now until Thursday night. Come if you can.----

  6. I think everything is coming along nicely. We had those lights in all our bathrooms and finally finished switching them out. We found out in the process that they had been used to cover up imperfections- like light wire holes that were way off center- so ours were a total pain. I hope yours is tons easier! It will be worth it once you finish!! :)

  7. Love the ruffles. Totally spiffs up the space with a little fun.

  8. Great job, Jenny! Sometimes those little changes make the most impact in a room! And once you paint the walls and vanity white...that bathroom will look brand new! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. What a fun repurpose! And don't you love little surprises like the wall ;)

  10. Oh my goodness! How creative and resourceful! I would love if you would consider linking this up to my "Drab to Fab" Link Party this Friday :) The theme is turning the ordinary into extraordinary using a little creativity. This post embodies that, so I know my readers would love to see it! Here's a link for more info on the party.
    Hope to see you Friday!

  11. Your shower curtain from duvet looks uber cute!

  12. Beautiful! You've done an awesome job working with what you have. I love the new softer color scheme and your shower curtain is beautiful!

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