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Our Family Rules (the real ones)

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Here's a truth of mine. I'm overdone with rules. Family rules, playroom rules, porch rules, beach rules, classroom rules, you name it! You know the ones I'm talking about, right?  All those trendy wooden signs written in all different fonts that let everyone know how awesome your family/playroom/classroom/whatever is? You know, the ones that are taking the place of "Keep Calm and Make Another Keep Calm Poster" signs?  

Family rules like "say you are sorry."  You know what we say?  "Zip it!"  Or I saw one that said "respect each other" which I thought was hilarious because these are family rules, right? And respect meaning?...like not sticking your sister's toothbrush in your armpit and yelling "smell it?" Suuuuurrrre.

Playroom rules like "Take turns" or "clean up after yourself!" Our playroom rules amount to "Clean it every few months" and "tough luck if you step on a Barbie shoe. You should be wearing slippers"

Porch rules like "Laugh" or "Make memories."  I like to think that it is more important to "wipe the dog doo off your shoe before you step on the deck."  Tracking dog crap in the house will make a memory, all right.

I'm over it completely!  That's not to say I don't have a set of them hanging up in my kitchen that say things like "be brave" or whatnot. But the truth is, those really aren't our rules. Most of those "rules" just remind us not to be a--holes which is important, of course. Lord knows we have enough of those out there already not using blinkers and discussing all the things they won't let their kids eat but secretly let them when know one is looking and being all "nothing tastes as good as thin feels!"

 But if I were to make a printable of my real family rules, the ones that are actually true, it would look something like this.

Please copy for personal use only. HA HA HA!  But really, don't even pretend you can't relate.  So while you may say sorry and all that, you know deep inside that, yes, butt cheeks are always funny.



  1. I love it! I think all rules signs should be loaded into Uncle R.'s "hiccup truck" and transported to the dump!!! :)


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