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DIY Vintage Sign

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Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work to make something perfect, you miss a step. An important step and one that makes all your hard work mean nothing. Sometimes that happens. It happened. sigh.

I have a large blank wall in my family room/playroom and I decided to make a summer-inspired DIY vintage sign to hang on that wall. 

 You know, the kind that looks like you found it in a barn somewhere but not too found-it-in-a-barnish because there is a fine line between vintage and garbage. So I set out to do just that. 

I found the wood, painted it the perfect shade of sunshine yellow, I painstakingly traced the letters onto the board, I carefully painted the letters with paint pens, 
diy vintage sign

diy vintage sign

I lightly distressed it, waxed it, and voila! A DIY vintage sign! I felt excited to hang my creation.  What could go wrong?

diy vintage sign

And then Jim reminded me that our walls in that room are paneled without drywall behind it and hanging the sign will be almost impossible because the wall bends but the wood doesn't.  

Oh isn't he silly?  That is absurd. 

Ooops, it's true. Well, sort of. I use the Command picture hanging strips and that didn't work at all for the reasons Jim said. We tried to find studs to hang it the old fashioned way but we couldn't get the sign to hang centered on the wall for some reason.

Anyway, the point is, I have a big sign and no place to hang it. It currently resides under my couch. BLAH.

But it's cute, isn't it?  



  1. Oh your sign is super cute! You must find a spot for it!

  2. Can you put it above a door on top of woodwork?

  3. the sign is way too cute, hang it in another room


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